Men are supposed to be stone walls and emotionless. According to society, anyway, we all know that that just isn't true. Men can be very emotional, and have feelings just like everybody else.

So it's no surprise that when somebody says something nice to them, they're affected, just like everybody else.

u/ratsono asked:

Men of reddit, what was the last compliment you received that you still think about?

Here were some of those answers.

The Shaved Head Act


Started balding six years ago and shaved my head one night on a whim. The next day, the first 3 women I interacted with complimented it (was single at the time), and I've been shaving my head ever since.


A Path Back To Health

When I was a few months out of cancer treatment, I ran into a guy I knew (who knew that I had had cancer--we worked together on a play while I was in treatment), and he asked, "Have you gained weight? You look good!"

Something about how specific that compliment was has always stuck with me since then. There aren't a lot of situations where that question would be welcome, y'know? But I had gained weight, dammit, thank you for noticing!


Wife Compliments

My wife gives me little compliments every now and then that make my day. It's typical wife comments like "You rock" or "those shorts make your butt look good" and they make my day.


Compliment The Men!

I was talking to my husband and mentioned that I'd read/participated in a thread recently about how guys don't get many compliments. I opened my mouth to continue talking and he burst out with, "YEA. We NEVER get complimented! I got complimented on my eyebrows once and I still think about that.." I said, "I compliment you all the time." He said, "That's different." lol


I'm Young For My Age

An attractive girl of about 24 who works at the local coffee house was chatting with me. I mentioned I have a daughter about her age. She asked how old I am. I said 49. She said I look great for my age.

I was so flattered. Men my age rarely get a second glance, and even less often get compliments.


Long Day Swept Away

Yesterday was a pretty long (12 hour shift) day and I was tired, but my day brightened up when these girls were trying to flirt with me. Oh, and like hours before that happened, a coworker told me that another coworker thought I was cute. I'm still thinking about it since it's very recent.


The Beer Pong Champion Of The Universe

I still remember almost 7 years ago I went to my first house party with my best friend at out other friends house with a bunch of people that I didn't know and my friend wandered off pretty early on. I make my way over to the beer-pong tables (middle class white people party), make friends with one of the guys and start playing for maybe the 2nd or 3rd time ever and I ran that table all night. I was playing for like 3 to 4 hours and I had so many random people coming up to me before they leave telling me how good I was. Went back to being an introvert not too long after.


The Little Beauty

At a Catholic funeral mass yesterday morning when it was over the lady in front of me said that I sing really well and that hearing me made the situation just a little bit better for her.

That compliment will stick with me for a while.


Rock In The Storm

"You're a good kid". Said by one of my classmates last school year. I like being considered the "Good Kid", Especially In a school where all the kids act like complete animals. Makes me think that maybe they all have a little normality in them.




When I was in high school a few years ago this one girl in my friend group said that I was most likely to be the most successful out of the rest of the group, and everyone agreed. It's honestly given me motivation just to get through day to day life. I still think about it pretty often.


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