Who doesn't enjoy a compliment every now and then?

But have you ever thought you were complimented only to realize you've just been insulted?

For some people those backhanded compliments are unintentional, for some they're very much deliberate and for some people it's actually their love language.

Whatever the purpose, some of these veiled insults are downright clever.

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The Weirdest Compliments People Have Ever Recieved
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

I was once sitting around, minding my own business, when a customer––this was back when I used to work in retail––informed me that I had amazing fashion sense. That was nice. They then told me it looked like I "knew how to dress myself cheaply" which was true, just not necessarily so for the outfit I was wearing at the time.

How should I have taken that? I still don't know, but this person was certainly insistent on letting me know, beckoning me to listen from the top of the ladder I stood on at the time.

I'm far from the only person to receive a weird compliment though.

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Ever been in a position where you received a compliment... and didn't know what to say? It happens to the best of us. Not everyone takes compliments well.

But there are compliments and then there are... well, compliments that make you uncomfortable. Let's just say that some things just shouldn't be said. Inappropriate behavior is rampant and people's boundaries are ignored. That's not all the time, mind you, because some of these situations are rather humorous, but it is true much of the time.

People shared their experiences after Redditor Foolbasket asked the online community,

"What's the most uncomfortable compliment you've ever received?"
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