Men Address Things Women Might Not Realize Are Sexual Harassment

When it comes to sexual harassment, everybody needs to be on the same page.

The focus has predominantly (and rightfully so) been on educating men.

But the men of Reddit wanted to discuss some of their experiences that some people may not realize are harassment.

Redditor Babydolltoes544 asked:

"Men of Reddit, what’s something women don’t realize is sexual harassment?"

First up, let's listen to our Kindergarten teachers and keep our hands to ourselves.

Gloves On

Long Hair GIF by Slingshot DakotaGiphy

"As a guy just because I have long hair doesn’t mean you can walk up to me and run your hands through it when I don’t even know you."


"Definitely a long hair or curly hair problem. actually why do people think it’s cool to touch your hair, beard, muscles, pregnant belly etc?? personal space everyone!"


Leave me Alone

"Some women once tried to take off some of my clothes in a club (without me showing interest in them at all). When I told them to «f**k off» after a while, they got angry at me. Never been so confused."

"Edit: I almost forgot lmao. They talked to one of the guards at the club right after. "

"Don’t know what they said, but as they talked to him, they pointed at me. (Maybe they said that I was the bad guy or something). When I saw that, I just left. I figured the guard would trust the two girls more than me. Club was boring anyways."


Fix the Damage

"I had a drunk young lady rip my button up shirt off in a bar on a dance floor then proceed to cup my d**k. I was mad so told her and her friends to f**k off after I got my shirt back from them, which had all the buttons torn off except the bottom 2. That was super annoying but I was just going to deal with it until I was asked to leave by the bouncers for yelling at women and not buttoning up my shirt."

"Another group of women approached me and said they had the whole thing on video which I then sent to the bars management and got a $200 gift certificate for it. In hindsight, I probably should have just taken it to the police. I never felt in danger or scared for my safety but it was totally inappropriate and if I did that I would be in jail."


You're an Adult

"I was working at a birthday party in a bar once, and a really drunk 40 year old woman decided to just walk behind the counter and slip a banknote into my shirt. She then started to rub around my chest like some sort of massage I guess? It was really weird, I just stood there confused waiting for it to end."

"Her husband was watching the whole time and didn't seem to happy about the whole thing. But nobody really seemed to care or just laughed about it. If I as a 40 year old man had done that to a 17 year old girl working at a bar, I would've gotten one hell of a lawsuit."


Creepy Granny

Sam Heughan Dancing GIF by Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and GrahamGiphy

"Every wedding and funeral I have ever been to as a Scotsman, there are a gaggle of horny grannies who at every opportunity try to get a look under the kilt."


Not okay, grannies. Let's respect cultural tradition and healthy boundaries.

She gets it now...

"I’ve been into weightlifting most of my adult life. As a result, my arms and chest are noticeable. I’m not like a body builder or anything but I’ve got big arms and a protruding chest. Women think that they can just grab on my arms and rub my chest without permission or warning. I think that they think it’s okay because they compliment me afterwards. It makes me uncomfortable."

"My fiancée never really took me serious about it until at a work party one of my female coworkers basically groped my arms in front of her and it made her jealous. She gets it now."



"The same exact crap that applies to sexual harassment against women. I had a girl I used to work with slap my a**, grab my crotch and try to rub her breasts against me. When I took it to HR nothing was done about it. A week later I got written up because she lied and told HR I had verbally abused her."


Where is She?

"My partner was at a truck stop waiting for his food when some lady came up and grabbed his junk. Just walked up and shoved her hand down his pants. He pushed her off, said he was taken and told her to f**k off. She reached for him again and said 'Well she isn't here now, is she?'"

"It disgusts me people are like this, regardless of gender. It's even worse that women aren't held as accountable as men are."


This is Odd...

"My partner went to a job interview and the older woman kept touching him as they talked. Like on his arm or hand. I told him that’s not okay and he doesn’t have to take that."

"He said that he didn’t want to make a scene because she might accuse him of harassment in retaliation and she had his information."

"And I realized men put up with harassment out of fear too. Different reasons, but it sucks for both genders."


Excuse You?

Excuse Me Reaction GIF by BounceGiphy

"I once had some chick walk past me and squeeze my junk and another one slap my butt and I'm pretty sure that neither of them knew that that was sexual harassment. (Edit: Both of these instances were on two separate occasions)."


Sexual harassment is still all too prevalent. We have a long way to go.

Do you have any experiences to share? Let us know in the comments.

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