Man Spends Three Hours Replacing His Broken Car Door Only To Realize It's The Wrong Size
Robert Woods / SWNS

A daft driver was left with a huge hole in the side of his car after fitting it with the wrong size door.

Robert Woods, 33, spent three hours replacing a broken door on his Peugeot 206 before realizing the new door he had replaced it with was a foot too small.

Newly qualified driver, Robert, tried to save himself some cash by fitting a brand new passenger side door himself because the old one had a faulty wind-up window.

Robert Woods / SWNS

He said he even went to a specialist Peugeot parts dealer, back in May 2017 when the ordeal happened, to source the right part.

But Robert somehow managed to walk away with a door for a five-door model rather than his three-door version of the car.

And when he came to replace the broken door with the brand new one, father-of-two Robert said he was baffled to see the "massive gap."

Robert has said ever since the blunder his mates have poked jokes - forcing him to sell his beloved motor.

Robert Woods / SWNS

Robert, from Manchester, England, said:

"I didn't realize it was too small until right at the very end. It took me three hours to do. I shut the door after fitting it and started to walk away."
"But I didn't hear it click so I turned around. I noticed this massive hole in the side of the car."
"I was baffled but realized straight away what had happened. I felt really daft but saw the funny side by the end of it."
"I sold the car not long after. Every time I picked a mate up in my car they'd make jokes about it. I haven't heard the end of it since it happened."

Robert, who lived in Blackburn at the time, passed his test in May 2017 and parted with £600 (~$780) to pick the Peugeot as a "cheap runaround" to get him on the road.

But after making the purchase he soon realized the passenger side window would not wind down and was completely broken.

Robert got a quote for £60 (~$78) to fix the window but he said he soon worked out it would be cheaper to buy a new door all together and fit it himself.

He thought he managed to find himself a quick and easy replacement door for just £30 (~$39) from a local garage specializing in Peugeot car parts.

Robert Woods / SWNS

Robert, a courier driver, said:

"The window wouldn't wind up and it was cheaper to just get a new door. I went along to pick this new door up and the color was bang on. The guy in the warehouse said it would fit my three-door model."
"I thought I was quids in and was saving a bit of money. All I had to do to replace it was take out two bolts and disconnect the wiring."
"A friend helped me replace it and it was quite straightforward. We reconnected everything and to begin with I was quite pleased with myself. But then I closed the door and noticed what had happened."

Robert, who has a partner, Sarah Donohue, 33, said he didn't bother trying to replace the door for a second time and continued to drive the car with the broken window.

Robert Woods / SWNS

He added ever since the incident his friends have made fun of him.

The torments got so bad that Robert sold the car later the same year after growing sick and tired of being laughed at, he said.

"Every time I went somewhere in the car someone would say something or make a joke."

Former firefighter Robert now drives an Audi A3 and said he can now fix most mechanical problems, but still hasn't dared to replace another car door.

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