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Someone Noticed A Photoshop Fail On A Menu That Is Totally Messing With People's Brains


Ever see an image and know there's something not quite right with it, but you can't figure out exactly what is wrong?

Twitter user Spotty Len, from Toulouse, France encountered an image like that on a British chip house menu.

But eventually they figured it out and shared the image online to share the photoshop fail.

Whoever created the side of peas on the menu item had some issues.


Let's take a closer look.





People who only saw the caption were skeptical however.

Peas are round. How could they possibly upside down?

But then...


But Doglover Dan offered some insight.

But some people had an alternate reason for the peas appearance.




People tried to fix the image.


But finally, someone was able to set everyone's minds at ease.


At last, whirled peas was achieved.



Sometimes things don't work quite the way we want. To see some epic fails, the book You Had One Job! is available here.

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