Abandoned Dog With Twisted-Up Face Named Picasso Finally Finds His Forever Home
@picassothewonkyandwacku /SWNS.COM

A forever home has finally been found for this wonky-faced dog who is fittingly named Picasso.

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'Show-Off' Dog Owner Tries To Leap Over Flooded Path To One-Up His Girlfriend Only To End Up Flat On His Back In The Mud
Abigail Chamberlain /SWNS.COM

This hilarious video shows the moment a "show-off" dog owner attempted to leap across a flooded path - only to slip and fall flat on his back in the mud.

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Seven-Year-Old Girl Leaves Hilariously Scathing Note For Her Dad In Her Lunchbox
Peter Simson /SWNS.COM

This is the brilliant note a sassy seven-year-old schoolgirl left for her dad in her lunchbox – telling him "I not etting my sandwish because I hate hummas."

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Adventurous Dachshund Gives His Owner A Scare After Jumping On The Bus Alone And Making An 18-Mile Journey To The Sea

Frank the adventurous dachshund was in the dog house today after jumping onto a bus and making an 18-mile trip to the seaside on his own.

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Dad Forced To Deliver His Own Baby At Home With Just One Hand After His Wife Went Into Labor While He Had A Broken Thumb
Alex Cousins/SWNS

A dad was forced to deliver his own baby at home using just one hand after his wife went into labor and gave birth - while his broken hand was in a cast.

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