Tell-Tale Signs People Are Having A Secret Sexual Relationship

People can never totally hide when they have a sexual relationship on this side.

They might try,

But there are always signs.

And when people are in lust, usually joy follows.

Joy is hard to suppress.

So let's chat about learning sexy secrets.

Redditor uraniumraven wanted to hear about the times we've uncovered sexy scandals amongst others, so they asked:

"What's a tell-tale sign two people are having a secret sexual relationship with each other?"

I just eavesdrop on conversations.

It always leads to answers.

In the Bag

Drag Race Purse GIF by RuPaul's Drag RaceGiphy

"Our CEO coming into a meeting to grab something from the QA/RA lady's purse was one a few of us saw once."



"I was at a BBQ with dozens of people. A young ridiculously beautiful married couple was there. The wife was pregnant. They brought their short, squat, funnyman roommate with them. At some point funny man and pregnant wife are on opposite sides of the kitchen and I caught a glance between them - no more than a blink of an eye."

"It was the only interaction they had all night."

"In that instant I have never been more sure two people were f**king. Told my girlfriend, 'Those two are smashing,' she told me to stop being a creep. Sure enough 6 months later everyone finds out they're f**king and funnyman is the dad."



"Kind of like what Joey in Friends reasoned. If there is chemistry on stage, chances are no chemistry in real life. If they are awkward on stage, chances are they are having sex in real life."

"If they are acting awkward in front of others and clearly trying hard to act like they don’t care about each other, sexual relationship. If they carry out as normal and work well together, no secret sexual relationship."


Move Aside

"They get awkward if you come up to them when they are together. I just want coffee and you’re standing in front of the machine and I didn’t think anything was going on until you got all awkward. You’re allowed to be friends and stand here and talk."


"They could just be friends talking crap about you or someone else and don’t want you to hear."



touch GIFGiphy

"Sometimes you can tell by the way they casually (appropriately) touch each other in public. Certain things are awkward until you cross that line."


Never underestimate a touch.

No Flinch

Man Love GIF by WIESEMANN 1893Giphy

"At a place I worked at about 25 years ago, female coworker dropped her screwdriver and our boss picked it up and stuck it in her pocket. Later that day my buddy says 'She did not flinch or look away from what she was doing when his hand went to her pocket - his hand has been in that pocket before.'"



"Their orbits are smaller around each other. Without meaning to, they will change their personal space requirements with the other. They'll think they're normal distance away, but won't be. Also, they'll move around each other too easily (like in small spaces) without the awkward missteps the rest of us make."


Making Eyes

"It's definitely the awkward avoidance of one another for no reason. When I was a supervisor two of my employees were secretly dating and being as young as they were (19-20yrs old) they didn't have the ability to hide their feelings without avoiding each other as if they hated one another."

"I figured it out on Day 1. Hilariously cute."

"Edit: When they finally told me I told them I already knew. They were flabbergasted that I figured it out. It wasn't that hard! When y'all make googly eyes at one another across the store or try to surreptitiously touch hands at the till I'm gonna notice."



"I’ve caught people because they didn’t follow one another on social media to try to avoid suspicion, but they both posted that they were at the same place and similar photos, and despite not posting about one another, it was obvious. They didn’t know what the other was posting because they didn’t follow one another lmfao which ultimately lead to the downfall of their discretion."



Celebrate Channel 9 GIF by The BlockGiphy

"Carpooling when there is not much convenience to it because they don't live all that close to each other."


Oh the scandal of it all.

Do you have any similar experiences? Let us know in the comments below.

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