Love is a mess. Let's be real. It was never meant to be perfect. Perfect is boring. And one thing love should NEVER be is boring. But if it's not boring it's crazy. And crazy love comes with issues and consequence. Just think about all the love sayings. One of the most quoted is "Love is Blind." It means all you can see is them. And that is dangerous. Let's talk about all the other senses love afflicts.

Redditor u/ohwhorable wanted everyone to have a chat about the impacts of love and it's ups and downs by asking.... They say love is blind. What other emotions have disabilities?

Look. Sit.


Fear is dyslexic and bored has ADHD. SamOFart


Lust has Alzheimer's. LeggyBald

It means when you have lust for someone, you forget all the bad things about them. Like in abusive relationships, the partner can be terrible but it doesn't matter, you forget it or switch blame. Raevin_

Pump Up the Volume....

Anger is deaf, you cant listen to reason. with1n0id

I think that sometimes it's good to be angry (not to be confused with rage or what one does in anger). It shows that you do care about something, that it's important to you. 22Savage671


Hunger has Tourette syndrome. Oyska_G

People with Tourettes tend to have uncontrollable tics. You can see for yourself there should be videos on YouTube. SAVE_THE_RAINFORESTS

Repeat Pain...


In some cases lust has carpal tunnel. Terrible_Golfer

I feel personally attacked. Wombat_cannon

Kind of painful, occasionally numb and sometimes tingly?

I think you should probably see a doctor my good internet stranger. ClockworkAnd


Depression is mute

Edit: for everyone saying Depression isn't an emotion (some of them surprisingly rudely)...


  1. feelings of severe despondency and dejection. varthalon

I think that the silence of depression can eventually become deafening in some instances. When you withdraw, people who love you miss you. They start to notice the lack of your presence. And suicide, there is such an empty void filled with pain because you're not there anymore. That kind of silence is incredibly loud when it comes to emotional pain and loss. I just hope we come to understand that someone cannot just snap out of it, and hopefully we as a society will get a better grasp on how to reach out to someone going through depression without telling them to "Snap out of it." SaltyWiring


Pride is tasteless. centrismhurts998

Yeah it's really frustrating hearing things like that. I hear people say how people should have humility, but if a person already feels they have no value then all you do is hurt them. Speaking for my recovery having pride in my emotions, in who I am, in what I can do, that I can do better, that I can be wrong, that I can be better has made all of the difference that I can actually be with people and to give back and support them. SunsFenix

Lack of control.....


Anxiety is bedridden, you can't move. sunflowersnlove

Anxiety is really like the controller of so many other things. Some people puke, some pass out, some crap themselves, some yell, some hide, some run, some can't move, some ache, some go numb, etc.

Anxieties disability is lack of control. its_all_4_lulz


Arousal has extremely poor impulse control. Candy_Cake_Jen

Prolonged pain. Been there. Godspeed. MisterBovineJoni

Brain: "She cheated on you and gaslit you in order to manipulate you into staying."

Penis: "she knows how to work it tho"

It's clear which one won. ArchetypicalDegen

The Killer...


Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer. greendogelol

Slowly, gently, this is how a life is taken. Draeg82


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