Games can bring people closer together or nearly end friendships, depending on how competitive your friends and family are.

Video games have been a big part of a lot of people's lives over the past couple of years too—helping to bring friends and family together when we're apart, or serving as a bit of escapism from everyday life.

Redditor AsterSkotos24 asked:

"What's a game that's worth every penny?"


"If you have 5 friends that love board games 'Coup' is a very fun deception game!"


"My fiancé and I really like that game. Sometimes he won't even look at his cards until someone calls him on his bluff. So he'll say he's a Duke but really has no idea."


Cities Skylines

"Cities Skylines. After understanding and solving traffic and other problems, I'm a wiser man. And I'm not kidding. My world view has changed. I know more."


"I never could get into it, my cities would always fail, but I was playing it the other night and for the first time ever I was doing well. I was so pleased, I had a bit of commercial, and I was building lots of industry for jobs, power was a bit sketchy but it was working."

"I was fixing roads, was pretty happy with a junction I made, and then suddenly everyone started leaving and I had no population. Turned out while making the road I accidentally deleted a pylon and cut power to the whole town."

"I had played for like 2 hours without saving at any point, I decided that it was time to just go to bed at that point."


Worms Armageddon

"Worms Armageddon"


"Love that game. But man, do I suck at using the ropes."


"I play Worms Armageddon every weekend with friends around the country(UK). The servers are still really active too, not bad for 20 year old game 😀"



"Factorio. Bought the game for 20 bucks like 10 years ago off their website and it's gotten constant updates to this day."


"It's also one of the deepest games that has come out in recent times. It has actually ruined other strategy/simulation games for me because they now seem easy and shallow after playing Factorio for hundreds of hours. Definitely worth every penny."


"I'm an engineer, but I just don't have the depth to optimize to the level that other people do in this game"


Plants vs. Zombies

"Plants vs Zombies the original."


"Remember when the OG version had a thriller zombie? Then Michael Jackson died and his family asked it be removed. Now there's a disco zombie instead."


"I bought that for $30 when it was new, grabbed a physical copy from my local supermarket."

"It is now $1 digital for the exact same content, and legally free if you know where to look. Yet, I still have the same feeling of 'lucky me' that I only had to pay $30. Because that game? That game is worth thousands to me."

"F*ck EA for dragging it through the mud like they did."


Left 4 Dead 2

"Left 4 dead. Or better L4D2. Sometimes 2.99 and has so many community maps. Like hundreds, so you can play so much content for basically free."

"You can work together or you can run off and shut doors in people's faces."

"It truly is a gem."


"I remember walking into a GameStop for the first time when left 4 dead came out. I wanted a PC copy and they explained to me what steam was, they created an account with me behind the counter, taught me how to use it and sold me a gift card."


The Orange Box

"The Orange Box. Came with Half Life 2, Portal, and Team Fortress 2. All solid games and all for what was a relatively low price."


"Basically 3 in 1 price. I'm pretty sure it was the first thing 90% of steam users bought 15 years ago."


Slime Rancher

"Hollow Knight"


"I love this game, but I'm so f*cking upset that we waited years for a switch version and then they come out and say that sr2 is only on pc and Xbox."

"My favorite part about this game is that it got 'recommended' to me in a game of league of legends. I got absolutely dumpstered and the mid laner jokingly said maybe I'd be happier playing Slime Rancher. Like as an insult. Joke's on him, great game."


"Someone finally mentions it!! I've been telling my friends and family to check it out for years and no one has ever heard of it or they aren't willing to give it a try."


Hollow Knight

"Hollow Knight"


"I bought Hollow Knight twice, once on Switch and once on PC. I still feel like I’ve underpaid Team Cherry"


"Hollow Knight is my favorite game. It reignited a love for video games I thought I'd lost. The music and art are out of this world beautiful."

"I think my first file had 120 hours on it and I wasn't not at the 112% competition (because of dlc they added - for free btw). Second playthrough when I bought the game again on a different console I got to about 103% and 80 hours in. (I'm pretty darn slow at it)."





"'This biome contains 7 of the 9 prerequisites for causing terror in humans'"


"The biggest scare I had in this game was when I didn't realize I was in the abyss, I was in the sand area behind the Aurora, music was peaceful, I even seen a sandshark near, I look to my right and big ass ghost leviathan coming straight for me like a train, there was so much terror that went through me in those 10 seconds. 10/10 would recommend."


"Played this the first time in VR. Pretty traumatising. Would recommend"


Whether your tastes trend more toward games played together around a coffee table, solo adventures in far-flung virtual lands, or competitive multiplayer online battles, there are some games that are going to be worth every penny you spend on therm—and more.

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