Inspiration can come in a ton of forms, but whether it's a song, a statement, a poster, or whatever - it's important to deliver that inspirational message clearly and quickly. That's where some of us have a problem. I was born longwinded and was totally that kid you asked to help you pad a word count for an essay in class. So if you're looking for me to inspire you, expect a 15 minute TED talk and slideshow presentation. But, as that oh-so-appropriate saying goes, Keep It Simple, Stupid. The bits that people tend to remember are smaller and easier to digest tidbits of wisdom. There's just something profound about simplicity.

One Reddit user asked:

What's the most profound statement you've heard, that is extremely simple and uncomplicated yet helped you the most in life?

And yeah I could have written a 5 page essay based around any of these statements. Seriously I'm baffled at how people do this. Here are some of the shortest, sweetest, most profound responses.

Not A Boy


My daughter was about 2. She wanted me to play barbie dolls with her. I said I don't want to play barbie, I'm a boy. Her response was very wise and profound for her age.

"You're not a boy, you're a daddy."

I now play many things with her and let her do my nails.

- Amplifiedsoul


Recently I heard someone say, "Exercise because you love your body, not because you hate your body." I've been exercising and eating healthy for a long time but I definitely struggle with body dysmorphia and hearing that kind of made me realize that I should change the way I think about things.

- DrProfessorElizabutt

Along those lines I heard someone say, "exercise is a celebration of what you can do, not a punishment for what you ate." I kinda dig it and I hate most all get motivated stuff.

- PM_me_your_trialcode

Quit Digging


From AA: "Your rock-bottom is whatever point you decided to put down the shovel and quit digging."

- PJMurphy

You Deserve It

You deserve what you tolerate.

- Tokugawa

Fractional Ass

Never half-ass 2 things. Whole ass 1 thing instead.

- I_Can_Not_With_You

Slow = Fast


Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

I've got ER/ICU nurse background, so it's easy in both areas of practice to get overwhelmed with the endless tasks. this helped me to remember I knew how to prioritize, and to do the things I needed safely to get on to the next one. totally helped relieve a lot of anxiety for me.

- amberliz


Stop saying "I don't have time to do this" and start saying "I am prioritizing thing x over thing y."

For instance, it's not that I don't have time to go for a run, it's that I am prioritizing watching an hour of TV over my health. Changes my thoughts about whether I go for that run or not...

- selfishbutready

Number One

We accept the love we think we deserve. Made me realize I put up with my abusive ex's disrespect because I didn't respect myself. I made gaining some self worth priority number one.

- Bashfulapplesnapple

Care And Control


"Why do you care?"

Huh. Wow. I don't.

- sm1ttysm1t

Sometimes that goes along with, "What control do you have (over x y z)?"

- Pompier57

Until You Don't

"Do what you want, until you don't, then do something else" -My boyfriend to me when we were deciding to be exclusive. We wanted to be together and agreed to date each other until we didn't want to anymore. Going three years strong now.But it applies to a lot of things!

- chrysalismcacophony

Simple Thoughts...

An old manager from my time at a gas station use to say this and I've stuck by it since.

"Work smarter, not harder."


Harder Better Faster Stronger! DustinDirt

Do You!


"Never argue with someone who is so committed to misunderstanding you!"

I stop many debates with ppl due to this. As soon as I realize things are going nowhere (normally quickly into a debate) I zone so far out because I don't want to convince anyone of my opinion. I have mine. They have there's. Mrst0530

~In the NOW!~

Live in the moment. When you spend time worrying about the past, you get depressed over things you didn't do. When you spend time worrying about the future you get anxious over what might happen. But when you live in the moment you quickly learn it's usually good and even when it's not good you know that moment will pass. This philosophy has changed my life. Tazi752000


"All you got is time, then you die."

Said to me by my father after I said I didn't mind working for less money than I'm worth because I have the time. lordrad

It's in the delivery...


My grandmother told me "Don't freak out until there is a reason to freak out." Something about the way she said it calmed me down and made me stop and think of what I was anxious about was worth it. WeirdAbbott

Never be idle...

While making idle chitchat I made a comment about trying to avoid things that are inconvenient. My conversational partner said "Everything is inconvenient in some way." I try to carry that thought with me, because some things are worth doing even though they're inconvenient, and I realized I was making excuses not to do things that I needed to. Narahiel

First Steps...

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. GeebusNZ

Make good mistakes. rosekathlyn

If you want to be happy in the future, find a way to be happy presently. pencilpasta

I hear you Jamie!


"What's on the other side of fear? Nothing." - Jaime Foxx, during a Tim Ferris interview. roserouge

The Inevitable! 

When i was a kid my dad always used to say something to the effect of "no matter what happens, the sun is always going to set and then rise the next day." As someone who deals with a lot of anxiety, it's always a bit comforting to recognize that no matter how bad a day seems, it's eventually going to be over. no matter how scared you are for a certain test or interview, eventually that test or interview is going to be taken. raven_needles

Always a choice... 

You may not be able to choose the circumstances in which you do something, but you can still make the choice to do something.

Sounds a little weird out of context, but the idea is that circumstances are never ideal. I was climbing with a buddy and we were supposed to meet some friends in town for dinner. Our campsite was in the opposite direction so we didn't have time to go back and clean up. I was fretting because I was dirty and sweaty, but he laid that nugget of insight on me. It made me realize that I would rather go to dinner with our friends despite my scruffiness than miss out on a jovial evening with them. InBellows

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