People Break Down Which Countries They Think Have The Worst Cusines

Hawaiian chicken smoked pizza
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All of us can appreciate an excellent meal, but our opinion of an amazing meal will vary from person to person.

Each of us are going to prefer some meals over others, including comfort meals, restaurants, and even international cuisines.

Looking for new foods to try, Redditor KPH102 asked:

"What country has the overall worst cuisine?"

Bland Iceland

"Unfortunately: Iceland."

"I can handle bland or bad food… but when I’m paying 5x normal prices for that same bland food… it just p**ses me off."

"Iceland was one of my favorite places I’ve ever seen. But the food situation there is brutal."

- Benglassco

Anthony Bourdain... Not Approved

"If I Recall Correctly, Iceland was the one place Anthony Bourdain couldn't wait to leave. When a guy who made a living eating his way around the world, comes to your nation and concludes even the alcohol is disgusting, there be a lot of problems."

"Iceland: Pack A Lunch."

- Entity0027

Kazakh Not Preferred

"The worst I experienced as a national cuisine: Kazakh. There are good restaurants there, but they are more like Uzbek, Uighur, or Dungan."

"I am not a fan of boiled meat, especially if it is horse, fermented horse milk, or dried fermented milk. There are a few dishes that are okay, but the lack of strong spices or seasoning makes this something I don't enjoy much."

"That said, I always eat it when we go to family events with my wife (from KZ!). I respect the culture, but it is not something I would ever actively choose to eat!"

- bardachni

Lack of Variety in Mongolia


"Given its harsh climate necessitating a largely nomadic and pastoral lifestyle, just not a lot of crops that could historically be incorporated into traditional meals. So everything is either straight-up dairy or meat, with little spices of any kind to add any flavor."

- AvatarTreeFiddy

Mongolian-Russian Cuisine

"Mongolian is definitely the worst cuisine I have ever had. It’s just fermented horse milk and boiled meat (like mutton and marmots). Vegetables don’t exist and they literally don’t season anything because they don’t have any spices at all."

"I don’t like Russian cuisine (it’s pretty mid) but Russian cuisine actually helps to improve Mongolian food at some of the trendier Mongolian restaurants (which don’t serve pure traditional Mongolian food)."

"Generally, cold places with a lack of access to spices or not much agricultural history make the worst food and Mongolia checks all those boxes. Kazakhstani food is similar, but they have more ethnic diversity so you can get some decent Georgian or Korean hyphenated foods."

- Maverick1-618

Australian Food

"Jimmy Carr once said, 'Technically, all Australian cuisine is prison food.'"

- DavosLostFingers

Off to Another Country for Dinner

"The Netherlands. As soon as I could drive, we’d go to Belgium for dinner with my high school class mates."

- NinjaSelects3581

The Irony

"I had some truly terrible food in Ukraine, particularly in the Chornobyl exclusion zone workers' cafeteria, which we were kindly allowed to use when touring."

"The best food I had there was in Kyiv in an Indian restaurant!"

- tidymaniac

North Korea

"Cold noodles and whatever the hell pine mushrooms are."

"I’ve actually had soju (weak liquor) made in North Korea. It tasted like a cleaner version of the watered-down vodka you can buy at gas stations where I live."

- MrLanesLament

Family-Friendly Irish Dinners

"I'm Irish, I do plenty of family get-togethers centered around a big Irish table of food, I love it, I love the feeling of sentiment and history. The food is always just a wad of boiled ingredients."

"We eat it lovingly, and there's nothing wrong with it. But it's not like there's anything RIGHT with it."

- DangerCakes13

Underwhelming Netherlands

"​Specific cuisine, so not what food you can buy in the country, then it’s absolutely hands down Dutch food."

"Boiled potatoes, boiled vegetables, a piece of overcooked meat, and some packaged gravy is what most Dutch kids eat 5/7 days a week. The other day it’s bread for dinner (no joke) and Sunday more than likely you’re eating Fries and some other deep-fried snacks."

"It’s the most underwhelming cuisine I can think of. Granted, I have never been to Russia, North Korea, or Antarctica."

- SamBankmanMoneyGone

Kenya's Approach to Cooking

"Kenya. Poor refrigeration meant that meat was often cooked until extremely chewy. I lost so much weight in the six months I lived there."

- ifellbutitscool

Mexican Food... in Switzerland

"Pro tip: don’t get Mexican food in Switzerland."

- ExtentEcstatic5506

Fajitas in Croatia

"I got Mexican food in Croatia. It came highly recommended by the South African guy running the tour we were on. It was Chevy's level at best."

"Also, I ordered Fajitas and was served a quesadilla with bell peppers in it. It was edible at least. The Australian people that were on the tour thought it was phenomenal."

- raiderkev

Just Jokes

"No good takeout in Antarctica."

- yParticle

While most of these cuisine options don't necessarily sound "bad," they do sound underwhelming and far less enjoyable to eat than our favorite foods.

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