Las Vegas Shooting Survivor Gets An Emotional Surprise From Her Students That Leaves Her In Tears ❤️
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A survivor of the Las Vegas shooting received a special surprise from her students. The event was caught on camera by the company dude. be nice.

During the Route 91 Harvest Festival outside Las Vegas in 2017, Autumn Bignami was one of the several hundred people injured when a gunman opened fire. The Las Vegas shooting remains the deadliest mass shooting committed by an individual in the United States. Bignami was hit three times, with major injuries in her jaw and back. She underwent ten surgeries to try and repair all the damage.

Autumn Bignami is also a California teacher, who is beloved by her students and her community and very involved in their lives. So they wanted to find a way to show the educator how appreciated she is.

It's the kind of video you just have to see.

Las Vegas Shooting Survivor's Sweet Surprise

Her students talk in the video about how she touched their lives. Shortly after the initial incident, the student body put together a video letting Bignami know how much she was missed. As the video goes on, they describe the individual ways Bignami has supported each student.

The group worked in tandem with Bignami's family, a local Red Robin, and a media company called dude. be nice (DBN). DBN describes its mission as creating a more conscious culture with ethically-made products. Bignami was an early supporter of the brand.

The whole event was caught on camera and is nothing short of beautiful.

Is someone cutting onions?

Despite her injuries, Bignami has kept a positive attitude,

"There's one of two ways to go with this. You do it, and you're stronger because of it. Or you don't do it. So, for me the not doing it isn't really an option."

CW: Suicide

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