People's Hypothetical Reactions If Their Ex Said, 'I Miss You'

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When love ends there is always going to be lingering feelings.

You maybe over someone, but who can't help but wonder about a different outcome?

Even if we're at peace, we can always wonder about if they think about us.

Do they miss us?

It's human nature.

Everyone wants to mater.

What if they said that one thing?

Redditor kohy1st wanted to know about everyone's "what if's" when it comes to the end of a love, so they asked:

"Be honest, what would you say if your ex said 'I miss you?'"

My exes have always had an "I miss you" moment.

I'm always in goodbye mode.


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"I wouldn’t say anything. Don’t want the cycle to repeat."


"Fell for that twice, with two different women. I gotta touch the hot surface twice to learn."



"Nice to hear, but I’ve moved on."


"Right, exactly. It's funny how they miss you when you're not theirs, but when they have a hold they just let go."


"Yup. I even had this exact scenario a couple weeks ago. Got the 'I’ve missed you so much' message from a girl I haven’t heard from in months."



"Me too, not every ex is trash, some just don't work out and that's fine, reading the comments made me realize I'm Lucky, we are friends now and catch up sometimes but nothing special, if you loved someone that much why would you hate her now? That's how I try to view relationships, but of course sometimes it's impossible and there are awful people who you shouldn't miss."


I Dream...

"Honestly? I dream of it literally and figuratively. It's probably the only hope I have these days that has me seeing the next day. I miss her so much everyday."


"Sorry bud, my heart goes out to you. I dream about my ex all the time too, it hurts. But I think it's our spirit's way of confronting and processing the loss. Sleep heals the body and dreams heal the soul. Hang in there, embrace the mystery and lean into your grief. Sending a hug to ya."



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"Nothing. I don't breathe life into dead things, and I sure don't want to position myself to share my feelings with her again."


When it's done it's done. Right?

If it's dead... it's dead.

The Bile

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"I would not be able to speak through my projectile vomit."


Hang Up

"At this point, I would just hang up on her. I loved her with all my heart and we were together for 28 years (married for 26 of them... I was 18 when I met her). We had two beautiful daughters and I thought we were getting ready for the 'golden years.'"

"But instead, she decided she wanted a different life and walked out on me, and soon after she was in the bed of her old High School boyfriend. So I'll always be heartbroken and I will always hate her. She was the best person I knew, and she became the worst person I know."


My Best Bud

"I've missed you, too. And your daughter. She was my best bud - I taught her to ride her bike, to fish, to play catch. You and I shared so much, but you abandoned me because, after three years, you decided what happened to your best friend would happen to you. You left me high and dry, ghosted."

"My world torn apart. Glass exploding into my veins."

"I'm better now. I've missed you, but I've missed who I was before all of the hurt more than that... and I'm not the same because of it. Please do not reach out to me again."


Be Better

"We're both married and she has a handful of kids. If this came through with no additional context, I would assume she meant that she missed me as a friend, and we'd probably catch up and have a lovely chat. We dated for a bit, it didn't work out, and we both found people who were better for us. We're not sworn enemies or anything."


No Contact

"You know we aren’t made for each other, but I’m here for you if you need me. I love you as much as I love everyone else & this privilege will never be taken from you. If I help you to miss me less, then it would most likely make it even harder for you to move on. We probably will never be able to stay in contact because of that, but you can still always count on me."


Be Witty

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"Depends on the ex. I might completely ignore the text/call and block the number. I might respond with very negative sarcasm. I might respond with attempted humor, but not in a mean way. I might be very happy and respond accordingly."


Sometimes love is meant to be over.

The End.

How would you react in this situation? Would you be kinder to some of your exes? Would you tell them all to kick rocks? let us know in the comments below.

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