People Who Knew Someone That Died At Their School Share Their Experiences

People Who Knew Someone That Died At Their School Share Their Experiences
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Content warning: suicide.

Cherish every moment.

That is a saying we just keep taking for granted.

Another second is never promised.

Sometimes we check ourselves when the death of the young happens.

The unfairness of it all is almost too much to handle.

Let's share some stories.

And maybe learn to appreciate life a little more.

Redditordeadmoby5wanted to see who would be willing to share about the not-so-great days in school. They asked:

"Has anyone ever died at your school/college/university? What happened to them?"

Death is inevitable, but it's intended to be much later in life.These stories are so sad.


"Yes, in front of the whole school. I was maybe 10 yo or younger. The girl was 6 or 7. Everybody was gathering for the national anthem. She just fell on the floor dead. I think it was something on her brain, I'm not sure."


"Probably a brain aneurysm."


Very messed up...

"Someone jumped in front of a train. He had a horrible home situation where his dad died and the mom was on the verge of dying. He was really close with the teachers so they were crying all the time. Very messed up. My mom had a friend that got driven over by a truck. They were waiting for the light and this truck backed up with them in the blindspot. My mom doesn't like trucks anymore."


broken cable...

"A guy I know was working on a dredge when a cable broke, cut the top of his head off and his brain popped in the water just before him. It took 4 days to find his body."

"P.S. always wear a hard hat when in a construction site."


"Hard hat might not have saved him. I have seen countless pics of fatalities from motorcycle accidents where the helmet just prevented brain spillage. The brain still came out of the skull."



"When I was a sophomore in high school a girl who I only slightly knew dropped dead during a soccer game. While I wasn’t in attendance I knew a few who were. She was on the team and running when she 'tripped' with a hard fall. She didn’t move at all or try to pick herself up so the ref, coach and medics came to her aid."

"She was stone cold dead, her parents weren’t at the game as she was a junior and had her own car. I can only imagine that phone call. We learned later that she had a brain aneurysm and was likely dead before she hit the ground. She was a very promising student, in a lot of clubs and very friendly. It’s crazy to think at any point that can happen to anyone."


Behind the Wheel

"A senior girl died in a car accident my freshman year, fell asleep behind the wheel. The school made it a whole thing. A friend of mine died in car accident (he had a heart attack while driving) our junior year and he got ignored."


Well this is a lot to take in. So young. So much sadness.

Oh Lord

"My class administrator of my electrician course. It was a TIFU because when I entered class, everyone looked very sad."

"I asked 'Gee, who died?'"

"The answer was 'Mr. CA.'"

"My answer was 'F***, I was only kidding.'"



"A set of twin boys died from leukemia. I was probably about 8 when the first one passed and then 10. Idk what specific one it was because I was young myself."


"I remember we had a set of identical twins at my school they were teenagers girls and both had leukaemia as well, both died in the same year. It was really really sad for our community."


Not Sure

"In my elementary school this girl died in first grade and I don’t actually know what happened but there are two memorials for her: one is three trees, two benches, and two places to play chess that no one uses to play chess, and a statue of her old dog. Yeah, idk either."

"There was another girl who was my best friend at the time who died when she was in first grade and she died by falling off a tree and cracking her head open. She was put under a medically induced coma and never woke up. She didn’t get a memorial."



"Our teacher always told us that a girl fell and got run over by other students while a fire drill happened. We never figured out if she was lying or not but she looked a little bit too serious for my taste."


Wild Days

"My school was wild. None legit in school but in general. Someone my age died in... kindergarten? Idk who they were but a seat was left open at graduation for her. In high school someone a year younger had cancer. Someone in my grade committed suicide over the summer. Some guy was chopped up by a boat (idk boat parts but it was the back thing). A dad went crazy with his wife and middle school daughter."

"Then every year in high school we had a safety week for the last week of school and one major part was a girl who was killed by a drunk driver in 2012 when I was 12. Since I graduated in 2018 I think there's been 3 or 4 deaths of people I knew and 1 or 2 current students."


This was back in 1998...

"This girl who was my friend in my primary school (In UK ages 5 - 11) class died one weekend when she went to the local fairground. The roller-coaster she went on had a faulty safety bar. Going round the track it came loose and she fell out. This was back in 1998. She was only 8 years old."

"I actually happened to accidentally visit her grave in my home village where the school is located just the other week. (we were taking a walk as it was a lovely day and came upon the graveyard) so I went and said hello. Was quite emotional as I had my 2 year old daughter with me."


One Weekend

"A PhD student in our department went water skiing one weekend. The tether he was on became tangled, and he was pulled under the boat, where he drowned. I'll admit, I didn't know this guy particularly well, so I didn't feel overly sad from this, but it was still a shocker."

"It was also strange seeing everyone with whom you work, including professors, suddenly switch from being professional to being upset. I honestly didn't know how to respond to it."



"A girl in my high school committed accidental suicide. Sort of. Every time her bf broke up with her she overdosed and told him she was trying to kill herself, and every time he called an ambulance and got back with her. But the last time they broke up he told her he was actually done and not to do anything stupid because he wasn't going to answer his phone."

"And he shut his phone off, and the next day he found out she overdosed. She had texted him after she took the pills like she always did but his phone had been off and he didn't get the text. Her family blamed him and put him through hell."


first year of university...

"When I was in my first year of university, a kid committed suicide in his room in the student dorms. He was at a party with his friend and left saying 'I'm away guys, I'll see you all later' (or something to that effect) and no one knew what he meant. In the same year, a kid I went to school with when I was a bit younger died after some internal bleeding in his head."

"He had walked into a shop when there was an armed robbery happening, got his nose broke when the guy hit his face with the handle of the gun. He avoided going to hospital because he didn't want to be put on painkillers since he was preparing to go to the navy. The nose break caused bleeding from the brain and he died alone in his flat a few days later."


"going places"

"There was a guy I went to school with who was very bright, funny, and was one of the ones you could tell was really 'going places.' We spent an afternoon chatting in an abandoned auditorium once and he was just a nice guy. Had an aneurism and now needs constant care and is severely mentally disabled. Just out of nowhere. He was healthy. Terrifying."



"I'm a senior in HS right now, and every school year (without fail) at least one of the our teachers will commit suicide. Every year. None of us know the reasoning behind any of their passings, for the most part. One of the teachers that committed suicide was an AP World History/European history teacher who was exposed (for lack of a better word) as being a pedophile."

"And having inappropriate relationships with students. The same day everyone found out about the investigation is the same day it’s reported that he committed suicide. But, other than that, we don’t know why our teachers keep killing themselves. It is very tragic."


Falling Back

"A girl at my high school. She was ripped apart and eaten by dogs. She went round to a friends house, which was a proper council estate death trap. Her friend wasn’t in so she decided to let herself in and go sit in the garden. She was eating a pie at the time and her friends 5 dangerous dogs were in the garden."

"One of them jumped to get the pie out of her hand, knocking her over in the process. Once she fell on the ground pack instinct kicked in and they all dived on her and ripped her throat out. The neighbors were the first to see the remains and call the police. The dogs were all shot on sight."


In the Trunk

"This kid I knew in high school was murdered by his girlfriend's ex boyfriend. He beat him, put him in a trunk and drove him to a cave, he then pointed a gun at him and told him he would kill him unless he swore to never see her again. This guy, was much older maybe 21 and the kid was only 15, the girl, 14."

"He ended up killing him and then killing himself. The 15 year old boy lived just long enough to say what happened. So, he didn’t die AT the school, but he was beat up and put in the trunk at the school."


Head first...

"Yeah. Um- This kid- middle school- we had a two story middle school which the second story was a inside balcony if you could call it… Group of boys went Up to him and cornered him and told him to jump. They even went as far as giving him a lift. I guess the poor boys hand slipped and he fell over. Head first. At least 40 feet. There was a crack in the tile downstairs where he landed. May him and his beautiful soul rest. God bless that boy and his family."



"Girl living in a house off-campus was shot by police, who were responding to an armed break in at that same house. I almost lived in that house, but chose a different one up the street. My house too was robbed at gun point, though the perps got away before police arrived."


That is a lot of tragedy. I'm sorry for everyone's loss.

If you or someone you know is struggling, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

To find help outside the United States, the International Association for Suicide Prevention has resources available at

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