People Break Down Which Activities They've Tried That They'll Never Do Again
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Once is enough.

That is one of my life mantras.

And that's ok.

I'm never going to run the New York marathon.

I'm at peace with that because I ran a half marathon once and nearly stroked out.

So I'm good.

Once was enough.

Redditor Unavalible_000 wanted to hear about all of the "tried it once" experiences we've all been affected by.

So they asked:

"What’s something you tried and will never do again?"

Also, liver. No. NO. NO! Tried it, cried, never again.


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"Missing class on purpose. Made me feel so bad I didn't do anything for the time I was supposed to be in class."


Too Fast

"Driving really fast."


"Yup. Took my car to the limit once, 156 MPH on a track. Obviously not a super car, but not a family sedan, either. Things got a little squirrelly and I almost lost control. After that I was like 'yup, that’s how fast it goes, I’m happy to never try that again.'"


"this might be fun"

"Coke for me. I was in my post-college wtf do I do now stage of my life and a perfect target for bad decisions. It's incredible how fast I went from 'this might be fun' to 3am after a not sleeping for a week searching the floor for the tiniest speck of powder I might have dropped."

"16 years since I've seen a fleck of it and I can still remember the completely God-awful feeling of coming down and spiraling deep into that dark hole where a depression lived that was beyond anything I'd ever felt before or since."


Up. Up. UP!

"Staying up all night. Felt terrible the next day and have to sleep more to make up for it."


"Amen. The one time I pulled an all-nighter studying for a test, the next day when I was taking it, I would answer a question, and then snap back awake, and realize I had dreamt of answering it, and then answer it again. This happened like 3 times. 0/10."


Bad Fit

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"Taking the middle seat on an airplane. As a 6'6" 250+lb man, it is what I imagine hell is like."


Yeah that middle seat is torture. I'd rather walk to Europe next time.


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"Probably deep sea fishing. Didn’t think I’d make it back to shore alive with that sea sickness."



"Snowboarding. Gave it a shot, was unsurprisingly terrible, hated every minute of it. Next time I went on the mountain, I tried skiing instead. They were the better choice. My attempt at snowboarding ended sometime late morning after a particularly hard fall. I ripped the board off my feet, yelled "F**k this!" and marched down the rest of the slope. I handed my gear back in, and then went right to the bar. My fiancé felt a little bad, but he was also laughing his a** off at me."



"To be honest, slot machines. A couple years ago some friends took me to a casino to celebrate my birthday, and I found the experience underwhelming. I even ended up leaving with a nice amount of money, but the act of getting to that point didn't excite me at all."


9 Bad Months

"Being pregnant/Giving birth. The birth actually wasn't so bad (thanks epidural!) but being pregnant sucked. I was not at all prepared for the level of exhaustion and discomfort that comes with it. Literally, everything feels off and you're not so much tired as depleted of all resources bc duh, there's basically a parasite feeding off of your body."

"I also puked every day for nine months. Yep, that's every. day. Meds only had a minimal effect on me. My kid is the coolest damn human on the planet and everything about her is fantastic, but I will never, ever, do that again."


Don't Jump

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"Skydiving. Not because I don't want to, but because years passed since last time I went and I gained a bunch of weight."


Never again...

"I cheated on my girlfriend when I was 19. Never again. Even if I never told her I still felt like complete s**t. Her suicide attempt after I told her sealed only emphasized the point."


"My wife's first husband, the father of their 3 children, sat down for a coffee with her when the court case for their divorce was finally over to tell her that when he went away for work he had unprotected sex with prostitutes every time. I wonder how she ever trusted a man again."



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"To be honest, slot machines. A couple years ago some friends took me to a casino to celebrate my birthday, and I found the experience underwhelming. I even ended up leaving with a nice amount of money, but the act of getting to that point didn't excite me at all."



"Being a junkie. That was no fun at all, I lost everything. That little sparkle in your eye, your ability to enjoy absolutely life. You lose your self worth and self awareness. 2/19/20 is my clean date from heroin and my life is good right now."


"as needed"

"Xanax. I was addicted for ages, horrible withdrawals I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. No way I’m doing that again. F**k Xanax."


"How often? I take it 'as needed,' which is about one every two weeks or so. I try not to take it much. Curious what level is the tipping point of dependency. Every day? Multiple a day?"


"Franchising. Lost a lot of money figuring out whether or not they were using that business model to risk my money instead of theirs. They were. And it's not always a bad thing, but I'm never bankrolling someone else's gamble again."


All the cliche...

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"Working to make someone interested romantically. All the cliche 'I had to ask your mother out a thousand times' stories aside, it's never turned out well and ends up lacking one of the major ingredients found in actual successful relationships, in my opinion."


No Glamp

"Camping. Flies love me way too much."


"I am allergic to nature, and yet I kept getting convinced to go camping. Hated so much of it. I'm finally in my 30s and absolutely not going again. (Cabins and 'glamping' aren't camping.)"


"I'm 49 and I also have a lot of allergies. I'm not going anywhere without indoor plumbing now. So camping in a tent is a big no no."


From the Sea

"Sea urchin caviar, as well as any other caviar. During my culinary career, I promised myself to try everything within reason. I’ve had all three of the finer grades of caviar being Osetra, Sevugra, and Beluga, and they all just taste awful to me."



shoplifting GIFGiphy

"Shoplifting. Was the only time I did it (when I was younger and take a bar of chocolate in a mini market), when I was about to exit the store, a security guy nicely asked me to take the bar out of my pocket and hand it to him. They caught me on CCTV. Feel so embarrassed I never had the thought of steal anything ever again."


Well I'm glad to know I'm not alone in the "this sounds like a bad idea" camp. No to skydiving for sure!

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