Skin Deep.

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That's all beauty is. It doesn't indicate the kind of person you are. In fact, the people who care so much about the way they look are often the people to really personally watch out for, as we saw from some of Reddit's stories today.

millionairegrind asked: What is the most brutal rejection you have received due to your looks?

Here were some of the answers.

Memory Loss

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Went on a double date of sorts with my friend. We went to a water park. So an entire day spent with my friend (who is quite attractive), two quite attractive women, and me (who is a solid 5/10 on a good day). We did water slides, wave pool, hung out, it was a nice day and I didn't even get sunburned.

Two days later I decided to ask out the girl who was my date on a solo date. She. Did. Not. Remember. Who. I. Was.

It wasn't that she said I wasn't attractive. It's that she spent an entire day with me and paid so little attention to me and what I look like that when I saw her next she did not know that I was the same guy that she spent 8+ hours with less than 48 hours ago. She must have never looked at me the whole day.

Mean Friends

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Friend wanted to meet a guy she had met on the internet and asked me to come along because she was nervous. On the way there she told me she brought me along instead of our other friend "because with her I would have to worry about him thinking she is hotter than me. I don't have to worry about that with you."

Now I'm A Believer

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One guy came up to me and said I looked like human shrek..... I said "thank you sir human shrek is gorgeous!" And then went home and cried a little :)


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Dude your face looks like an acne made me teary

Called Out

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I was once at a Jim Jefferies show, and he said that one person in the audience was a 2. I knew it was me :(

You're An Adult Sir

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We used to have a health day when we'd get our weights measured. The guy I liked laughed and said I weighed more than him. It was ninth grade. I was crushed.

Summer Lovin

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Trying to flirt with a boy on the last day of sixth grade. He looked at me and said, "shut up you buck toothed beaver." I thought about it every single day that summer.

I was homeschooled for seventh grade (unrelated) and got braces, boobs, AND skinny that year. Came back to 8th grade a whole new woman.

F*** you, Andrew.

Casual Childhood Racism

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When I was in second grade, 'We don't play with you because you're dark and ugly.' I'm in my 20s and it still stings.

But Also Rude

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I used to work for a wine distribution company and part of my job was to go to grocery stores and do wine tastings (read: be a pest to shoppers) and one time I asked a woman if she was interested in trying anything and her 3 year old son said "he's fat." And started laughing. It was hysterical

Employees Beware

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I went to RiteAid and I was already aware I looked like s*** because I got no sleep the night before, so I walked up behind this employee to ask her if she could tell me if this shirt I wanted to buy was on sale and she turned around and said "ew" (even though I think it was an accident and she just splurted it out) I said never mind, turned around, and walked out of the store

Mean Mean Mean

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Once in high school I heard this girl go "Isn't bobby_booch kinda cute? In like a weird kind of way?"

Her friend immediately goes "No. Absolutely not. God no."

This was all right in front of my by the way, after just just having a conversation with me.

Hair Hair Hair Hair Hair

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"If you still had all your hair, I bet you'd be one handsome guy. "

The Racism

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"You're the perfect guy, I'll so date you if you weren't Asian"

I just noped outta there

Within Earshot

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Not rejection, but I was approached by a guy asking for my phone number. Flattering, but I said no, his friend (f) says, "eww, her?" Went from flattered to...not so flattered in seconds

The Same Field

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My skin is slightly-to-moderately (depending on area) softer and stretchier than usual due to a genetic condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Most people like the softness, and while the stretchiness freaks a lot of folks out, it's not noticeable unless you pull on it. It's not extra sweaty and doesn't look different or anything.

During my CNA course, a girl refused to practice taking my radial pulse because "his skin feels like Play-Doh." I was speechless.

Jokes on her though, she went into the health care field. You haven't lived until you pull off an old guy's socks and there's a snow of foot dandruff.


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It wasn't one big insult, just millions of very small ones that over time broke down my confidence into a fine powder.

I even have a class picture from like 5th grade of a girl sitting next to me, making a face of disgust and leaning in the other direction


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I was really confused by mine.

Young adult here, I still have what you might consider 'medium' length hair. Pretty much just a shorter version of the emo phase I went through in my teens. Anyway, this was when Tinder was just kind of taking off and so I swung. Had some good experiences and even one relationship out of it, but this one rejection has always confused me. Tinder is consensual. What I mean is, at least as I remember it, you couldn't talk to someone unless you matched. So when we did, and I sent a simple hello, she replied "Why would I talk to a boy with hair from the 60's? Bye."

Maybe it was an accidental swipe, happens all the time, but either a 'no' or just blocking me would have done the job with half the effort or aggressiveness. Also, I don't think they had side shaves in the 60's but I didn't argue.

How Rough

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I've not had a good history with relationships. Every woman I've dated has always acted like I OWE them for going out with me, and used that and sex as leverage to take advantage of me. Over the years, I've gotten extremely cold and withdrawn emotionally.

There's this girl I met at a coffee shop. Our schedules worked out so that we were usually getting coffee at basically the same time, and would chat a bit five days a week for a good six months.

Finally, one day, as I was telling her to have a good day, she put her hand on my arm, gave me the biggest smile I'd ever see anyone give me, and says "You'd be SUCH a good boyfriend if you weren't so ugly!".

I... honestly haven't been the same since.

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