Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli is catching heat for starring in a clothing ad that is being called racist and Islamophobic by some and a show of solidarity by others.

The campaign is called "Freedom Is Basic" and starts with Refaeli wearing a niqab, As music builds, she removes the garment, shakes her blond hair, and dances. The words "Is it Iran here?" appear across the screen.

Many people were extremely offended by the ad, which has now been removed from Refaeli's Instagram. The backlash was quick on social media, with many questioning why no one involved with the campaign realized this would be offensive.

A fierce debate started online.

There was a longer version of the ad that showed more diversity. BuzzFeed notes that Refaeli is joined by:

"Transgender model Stav Strashko, conservative personality Melech Zilbershlag, and Ethiopian Israeli model Tahounia Rubel."

This explanation makes a lot of sense.

But then so does this.

We don't see this controversy ending soon,

H/T: People, Buzzfeed


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