Infomercial Fanatics Reveal The Most Blatant Lie They've Advertised On TV

Products on infomercials can be too good to be true, and sometimes they are. They will push a product so hard that they end up lying about the details or the effectiveness of the product just so you will buy it. That is the art of the infomercial.

moreofmoreofmore asks:

What's the most blatant lie you've seen in a commercial?

Size matters

Those Banzai Pools for kids where they Photoshop tiny children into the pool to make it seem like it's four times the size it really is. It's blatant false advertising, and I don't know how they get away with it.

When there are really two products there

Mascara adverts

"model is wearing lash inserts"

You know they are all actors

"Real people, not actors"

When it's almost true

Speeds up to 30 mbps! (Was told up to means I pay for 30 but can be stuck with 10 and have to deal with it)

KFC tells you all sorts of lies....

A fried chicken joint had one showing how their meal was cheaper than cooking yourself. Two kids gathered the ingredients from a grocery store and calculated the total.

Except they weren't adjusting for the fact that they were buying enough stuff to make the meal several times over. You don't need a $5 sack of flour to bake a single biscuit.

Be mindful of the explosives in your food

Panera Bread trying to market scientific illiteracy.

"If it's in fire works, it shouldn't be in your food!" ... except table salt, apparently.


"Contact us now and we'll do a scan of the dark web for your personal information, to make sure your personal information is protected"

Based on what?


...sure thing Sherlock Gnomes

Somethings inevitably hurt no matter what anyone says

There was this one sugar wax kit infomercial that showed numerous shots of people getting their legs waxed with it. And at one point the lady selling it says "and it doesn't hurt!" with... barely a straight face. Like... come on. Everyone knows waxing hurts.

Can you really trust an addict?

There's a pretty popular commercial for a rehab. Some random guy comes up and says "Trust me. I was an addict, now I'm not." Suuuuuureeeeee...

Where are the cuts?

In razor commercials women always have clean, silk smooth legs and just gently caress the blade over their flesh to I guess show how you're supposed to use it?

Just breathe and take your time, you can do it.

"Real life dramatization" of a person doing a simple task but struggling immensely to do it.

These are facts

How their shampoo directly targets and heals split ends.

Nothing heals or fixes split ends, just get a haircut or actually take care of your hair

Can we get a scientist up in here?

According the Ionic Breeze commercials from the early 2000s, you don't have to move the air to clean it, and they did a pretty neat demonstration with a smoke-filled Plexiglas box. According to the Oreck commercials, you do. One of those f* is a lying liar.

The biggest lie ever!

This sugary cereal is part of THIS nutritious breakfast!

Did you even try?

I saw a commercial for some ratcheting type screw driver.

They had a guy 'trying' to use a regular screw driver. He didn't place the tip into the screw head and twist, it was more of a wild stabbing motion.

Get them!

Cillit Bang is a cleaning product, with a charismatic frontman called Barry Scott. He's like a gameshow host who tries to sell you spray bottles full of bleach.

Their advert said, verbatim: "Limescale is just calcium that sticks." Then showed a demonstration by Barry Scott of him dropping a piece of pure calcium into a tank of what was purported to be the cleaning product.

"Watch what happens we drop this calcium into Cillit Bang."

Of course, it fizzes and dissolves.

Ta da! Amazing.

I pointed out that not only are limescale and calcium completely different things, but a piece of calcium would do exactly the same in a tank of water.

The advert was removed from the air, and the company was fined.

Is she from another planet?

The most recent Apple iPad commercial I've seen where the teenage girl is laying in the backyard and her neighbor says something like "what kind of computer is that?" and the girl says "what's a computer?" This commercial drive me bonkers. I don't believe for one second that the girl doesn't know what a computer is.

This is the next level of lying

"[Name] is not to be used by people with diarrhea"

"[Name]'s side effects include: diarrhea"

The diet industry is a big lie

Any diet pill/supplement that says "you don't even have to change your habits for it to work!" Diet pills very rarely support your metabolism/digestion to a noticeable degree if you don't change your diet and exercise habits.. and they also claim its a "special formula" when the supplement has been on the market for decades. I figure, if a requirement for it to work is diet and exercise change, then change your diet and exercise and just skip the diet pill that "might" help.

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