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We tend to overthink things when we are presented with a problem.

Whether it's worrying about the future or regretting the past, the common behavior causes so much stress and anxiety in our lives, and yet, most of us continue to be over analytical.

But if we stop and take a breath, we may find that some things in life are a lot simpler than we thought.

Curious to hear some examples, Redditor Worried_pet_Potato asked:
"What seems complicated but is actually dead simple?"

The Power Of A Theorem

"The number of things in physics that are basically The Pythagorean theorem applied is always gratifying."


Authoritative Search Engine

"Using google to answer simple questions."

"For example, I am not an IT professional but I am good at fixing computers because I can 'speak google'. 90% of the time when a friend or family member asks me for tech support, I just google the question."


It's Not Always About Excelling

"When you truly get over the fear of failure of perfectionism, you might be surprised how much you are capable of."


When it comes to basic interactions with people, these Redditors seemed to have hit the nail on the head.

Staying In Your Lane

"Minding your own business."


"Kind of goes hand in hand with shutting the f'k up. Simpler than most people would make it appear."


Not Said Enough

"Telling people you love them when you actually do."


Mature Discussions

"Having a disagreement without getting angry and shouting."


Amateur Chef

"My roommate once said reheating his food in the oven because our microwave was broken took too much work. I wrapped his sh*t in tinfoil and took it out in 10 minutes and the guy thought I was gordon ramsey. Heat plus food equals hot food idiot."


English grammar breaks a lot of rules, but there are some basic rules people should always be cognizant of.

Keep It Simple

"Semicolons. Just have a complete sentence on both sides."


Knowing The Difference

"Their, They're. A, An Your, You're Than, Then."


Common Mistake

"Could have, should have. It drives me insane when I see somebody saying could of or should of."


I don't get people who litter. Is it really that hard to walk your empty water bottle to a recycle bin or toss your candy wrapper in the trash?

Apparently so.

News flash: it's not that difficult to get rid of trash.

Don't overthink it. Just leave your empty soda cans and Starbucks coffee cups off the street, because most of us appreciate cleanliness.

What's impressive to me is how clean the city of Tokyo is in comparison to many metropolitan areas in the U.S.

The baffling part is, there generally are no trash cans in the streets of Tokyo, and yet, the city is in pristine condition because the citizens respect common public areas.

People there carry their trash with them until they find a convenience store with garbage receptacles or get home so they can get rid of trash there.

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As if being a mom isn't hard enough, why does society want to heap on more stress. Women who can breastfeed need to be able to breastfeed. They need to do it whenever and wherever.

This has been a contentious, dramatic issue for generations. Some people just can't handle a boob out in public. A boob that is nourishing a child, I might add. When you're hungry, you don't want to wait, so why should a mom, make her baby wait until a more "appropriate" time?

God grow up.

Redditor u/Brace4Landing wanted to chat about what women have to do what they do, by asking:

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