Good movies are adored by many, but even bad movies can shine in the right context.

Some movies are just so bad they're somehow good, especially if you're watching with friends.

Redditor Sword__of__Damocles asked:

"What 'terrible' movie do you absolutely love?"

Man Of The Clawth

"Velocipastor. I'm an aspiring doctorhookerlawyer."


"This movie looks amazing."


-"'I don’t know much about God'." – "'I don’t know much about dinosaurs'."



It's-a Me, Mario

"Super Mario Bros. So bad, its good."


"YESSSS. My goodness, that movie was a fever dream. It is the one where they go into a cave-portal to turtle land right? Where bowser turns humans into goombas?"


"'I love mud, its so clean, yet so dirty at the same time' is my favourite quote. Why was Dennis Hoppers character oddly sexual!?"


Scooby Doobie Doo!

"The live action Scooby Doo movies (2002 and 2004) are unironically both fun and funny."

"The CGI has never been good and the story is extremely predictable but I never get sick of watching them."

"They’re just pure dumb fun to me."

– omen_in_budapest





"This is mine too. It's like a worse version of Mad Max just on water instead of a desert and they went full unhinged. I adore it."


"This is the best description of Waterworld ever lol I’m taking this 😂"



Van Helsing

"Van Helsing. It’s a pretty bad dracula movie but I still enjoy watching it just for the cheesy dialogue. The ballroom scene is pretty good though."


"The werewolves in that movie look fantastic."

"And I highly recommend the commentary track of the DVD with the b-list actors."


"The steampunk 1800s technology van helsing uses is just so freaking cool."


Sparkly Vampires

"The Twilight movies are g*ddamn hysterical. Two and four are terribly paced and just plain boring until the end. Number three is actually ok if you don't take it too seriously. The other two are pure so bad it's good. One is my favorite, but five has a special place in my heart for playing that amazing prank at the end on the fanbase."


"The first Twilight is 10x better with the DVD commentary. Kristen Stewart and RPatz just shred the entire storyline AND their acting the entire time. It's shocking the production company even allowed the commentary track to get put on the DVD, because they just bash the hell out of the whole thing and it's hysterical."



It's Craaazy! The Greatest Show on Earth

"Killer Klowns from Outer Space."


"A classic...and as a kid I always wanted one of those hanging, giant cotton candy machines."


"Believe it or not but it was this movie that got me into horror. Sounds preposterous, I know."



Down Periscope

"Down Periscope"


"'Think like a pirate! I want a man with a tattoo on his dick! Have I got the right man?'"

"'By a strange coincidence, you do, sir.'"


"That's the one with Frasier in it?"

"It's great!"


"I love submarine movies. The more serious and cramped the better. But Down Periscope takes its rightful place in my top 3 sub films."


Dude Where's My Car

"Dude Where's My Car"


"I once introduced a friend to this movie by saying 'ok, let's be clear. This movie is not Good. However, it IS Great.'"


"I still quote this movie on a regular basis."


"Yes. So quotable."

"'Dude, what does my tattoo say?…'"



Escape From LA

"Escape from LA, the sequel to Escape from NY"

"Kurt Russell as Snake Blisken. its got extreme sports, Steve bushmi as totally not the Joker, a ridiculous plot. It is a dumpster fire and I love it so much."

"Edit: thanks for the award, I wrote this comment after a 16 hour shift so spelling clearly wasn't a priority. I'm not correcting it because its funnier that way."


"How can you leave out the best parts - a surfer dude Peter Fonda and psycho plastic surgeon Bruce Campbell."


"That surfing scene was so great"



So 80's



"Lmao... I was going to say the same thing and it ended up being the first comment. I contend that it's the most 80's movie of all time."


"Almost every weekend my best friend Brad would come spend the night at my house. We'd play Nintendo and watch that movie. Good times."


Blind guy with a sword...

"Blind Fury. Rutger Haur plays a soldier who loses his vision during the war. He gets lost and taken in by an Asian family who teach him how to use a katana. He then goes back to America, where his friend is in trouble with some gangsters. He travels across the country with a kid, and takes care of business. Needless to say, the gangsters underestimate this blind guy's skills with a sword."



"The Langoliers."


"I have a soft spot for The Langoliers. The special effects aren't particularly good, but the acting and story still hold up well, and it's more or less faithful to the novella."


"That movie used to scare me when I was a kid lol… it’s so bizarre."



"Clifford (the one starring Martin Short, not the big red dog)."


"Martin Short as Clifford is such a creepy roll, especially with that little asshole dinosaur Steffen."


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Walken Forever

"Balls of Fury."


"I watch this movie every 6 months and laugh until I'm sick every time. It's such an underappreciated masterpiece."


"Walken saves this movie. You start getting bored of the characters a bit and then he comes in."


"This movie is a ripper! Love it and I don't care who knows."


All the Hate

"Joe Dirt."


"My husband does not watch movies he's really not that interested in them and he loves Joe Dirt. Although we tried to watch the second film and talk about a dumpster fire its painfully bad."


"How is that even terrible? It struck me as another of those comedies of that time, it was really not any better or worse than say Waterboy. I remember seeing it and not understanding the immense hate it got."



"Flash Gordon."


"Back when bands went all in on movie soundtracks. Queen absolutely slayed Flash Gordon and Highlander. Both soundtracks elevate the movies because they are better than the movies."


"Melody Anderson deserves an Oscar for delivering the new York City girl line and not breaking. There's so much movie in that movie."


That Girl

"Tank Girl."


"Love Tank Girl. Reminds me of renting it about 5 times over a summer holiday break in Essex at my Stepmum's Sister’s lovely house. We would spend all day in the garden in the beautiful sunshine, order Chinese for tea and watch movies."


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Best of the Best

"Kung Pow: Enter the Fist."


"The opening scene with the baby on the hill is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in a movie. I can still watch it and cry laughing every single time. Especially the squeaky shoes lol top to bottom one of the best 'terrible' movies ever made."


"I was looking for this one. So sad we never had the sequel."


If you see a movie that looks absolutely awful, it might be worth giving it a go.

It might turn out to be a delightfully terrible classic.