People Break Down Subtle Signs Your Coworkers May Have A Secret Sexual Relationship

Sex in the workplace is a problem.

Everybody sees it. Eventually.

The glances.

The stolen moments.

It's all on display.

And the one lesson I've learned most assuredly is... you can't hide the attraction for long.

My best advice... be cool. Ignore one another.

And even that can be a sign.

Redditor IndependentSwimmer67 wanted to discuss the times we've all suspected the scandalous relations of coworkers, so they asked:

"What are the subtle clues that indicate two coworkers may be involved in a secret sexual relationship?"

The number of co-workers I've witnessed have flings?

I could write books.


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"They laugh just a little too much and a little too loud at each other’s jokes."


"They stare just a little too long…"



"The new 17 year old kid where I work was overheard saying 'there's no way that Rimshot and the kitchen manager don't have something going on. You see the way they act around each other?' Me and the kitchen manager have been married for 12 years."


"My wife had that moment at her work. Patient transporter always stopped by and chatted up the unit clerk. Only 3 people in the department knew they had been married for decades."



"Always going to lunch together. Both call in sick or on vacation at the same time. Disappearing at the same time during team building or company functions. Both are working late. Leave work at the same time. None of these are conclusive but should create suspicions."


"I worked in a place years ago with two co-workers who'd always disappear together for lunch and come back two hours later with McDonald's that they then ate at their desks. Not terribly subtle."


HR Ladies

"I had a boss who I was almost certain was having an affair with one of our HR ladies. They would always sneak off to go chat together, they'd go smoke together, they took lunch together every day, she'd go hang out in his office. They were both married."

"Her husband got offered a job at the company and I remember when my coworker learned about it he was like 'really?' And gave a wide-eyed glance and a nod over at our boss's office. So I wasn't the only one who thought this. As soon as her husband came to work there, all the visits stopped."


Restaurant Life

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"Check to see if they have both significant others, if the answer is yes than they are probably doing it. Especially if it’s a restaurant."


"If it's a restaurant, significant other or not, they're f**king. - 25 years working in restaurants."


Oh, the restaurant life. Sex and food = Scandal.

Let's Play

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"They don't work in the same areas but are constantly together, looking at each other too much plus referencing conversations they had outside of work. They are a little too playful."



"There was a rumor at my last job that I was sleeping with one of the cashiers. The rumor got started because she was my best friend and I would give her a hug every morning when I saw her. Most people assume men and women can’t be just friends, so obviously hugs equal sex."

"The moment I found out about the rumor I texted her fiancée and said 'Apparently Haylee and I are having an affair. It came as quite a shock to both of us, because we had no idea.' He though it was pretty funny. When I told my wife, she said 'AGAIN?' This isn’t the first time a rumor like that has been started about me."


Oh Emma...

"Frequent eye contact, conversations that revolve around flirting, slight touches."


"One time we were in a meeting with just the newbies doing training (no management) and one of the girls very lightly brushed the arm of the guy next to her while getting a pen or something and this girl Emma just stops and shouts 'WHEN DID YOU TWO START SHAGGING?!'


How Strange...

"My wife was pulled aside once by her religious boss who pointed out that he had noticed her leaving the building at lunch times with a strange man and that he didn't think that it was appropriate knowing that she was married."

"What he didn't know was that the 'strange man' was me. We happened to work for different companies on different floors of the same building. Some times it's best to keep out of other people's business."


Hang Ups

"I worked at a law firm a while ago and one of the partners and the receptionist were having an affair. Both married and the receptionist became pregnant. I’m not entirely sure who the kid’s father is. But the way I could tell was that I was her backup coverage so any time she needed a break I would cover. The partner would call and either ask for his secretary and hang up before the transfer happened or say nothing and hang up. They both divorced their spouses and are now married."


We Notice

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"When it happened at my old job we started to notice when their lunch breaks started to align and they both walked out of a private room together everyday. They were both on their cell phones at the same time and refused to really talk to each other in person."


The signs are there if you look closely enough, especially in certain jobs like restaurants.

Do you have any signs that we missed or funny stories to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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