People Share The Handiest And Often Overlooked Items To Bring On A Camping Trip
Tommy Lisbin on Unsplash

Camping can be a lot of fun.

That is until you get to the middle of nowhere and realize you forgot an essential piece of gear.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a list of the most useful camping supplies that usually get forgotten?

Redditor heartcakex3 thought so and asked:

"What is something handy to bring camping that is typically forgotten?"

Duct Tape

"Duct Tape."

"That sh*t can solve nearly any problem."

- camcam76




"Freeing up a hand instead of holding onto a flashlight is invaluable."

- MacaronMelodic

Lets Go Power GIF by LedlenserGiphy



"Don't forget to bring a towel."

- farts_in_the_breeze



"Bring a large poncho/tarp."

"You never know when youre gonna need another layer of waterproofing."

- dak446



"Very many pairs of socks."

"Wet socks are the most villainous discomfort, and they naturally occur in the leisurely outdoors."

"Scores of socks are the only straightforward and fruitful remedy."

- MatthewWakeman



"Any form of shoe you can put on and take off easily."

"Redoing your shoes properly every time you go in the tent sucks."

"Life changing."

- Salt_Entertainment97

"Crocs are the best camping shoe!"

- deafballboy


Fire Starter

"Last camping trip my friend brought dryer lint to help get the fire going."

"Holy cow that stuff is flammable."

"Old newspapers can work too."

- meowmicks222

"My family go-to firestarter is dryer lint wrapped in wax paper, like a giant tootsie roll."

- princessawesomepants



"Whenever I bring a blanket people are always jealous."

"Like sleeping bags are a must, but a blanket for wrapping up with outside is hard to beat."

- Brasscogs



"A chair."

"It's incredibly nice to have something to sit on that isn't the ground."

- LazyPants69

"Omg this….. we started doing a yearly backcountry hiking trip with a bunch of guys."

"First year only one guy bought a chair with him so we played a game and the winner would get the use of the chair and it was a small luxury."

"Next year everyone had chairs with them."

- Loafer75



"Just an empty extra bag, you never know when you’ll need just something else to put stuff in."

- CaterpillarCute1103

"Whenever I go traveling anywhere I throw a box of gallon Ziplocks into my bag."

"They’ve come in handy too often to count."

- II_Confused

"I started carrying bags in my back pocket when I had a dog."

"Turns out they come in handy all the time for carrying stuff."

- 444unsure


We know what we'll be checking before our next camping trip.

Was anything left off the list?

Share your suggestions in the comments.

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