Guys Share The Most Cringeworthy Things That Girls Have Done In A Relationship

We all talk about the creepy things that men do in romantic or sexual settings. But to be fair, there are women (and non-binary people) who can be just as cringeworthy. Where is the line drawn between obsessive and sweet? Here are some answers from the men of Reddit.

u/Master_Lego_Yoda asked: Guys of reddit, what makes a girl creepy?

17 times?!

I once told a girl I was going to take a nap and then call her after. In that hour I had 17 missed calls from her.

We never spoke again.


TIL that 17 is the optimum number to break a relationship.



Not taking no for an answer, when a girl feels entitled to your attraction, it's not only a turnoff but is SUPER creepy.


It's harassment. Especially when you reject her and then she starts telling people you're a creep you tried to get nudes and wanted to do sh*t to her.


Nope, this is assault.

They keep trying to kiss you even if you say no. Had a girl keep doing this, apparently I'm in the wrong for lightly pushing her away.


Reverse the genders and it's assault.


Not even reverse the genders. That's straight up just assault.



When she changes her last name to yours on Facebook after a week of texting.


People do that?


I heard girls would try on the last names of their crush or new boyfriend, but in like a diary or notebook or something private. But this made me fear for my safety.


Don't do this.


Making up stories for attention. Once went out with a girl, who lived MILES away and she texts me one night saying 2 guys broke in to her apartment, where she lived alone, were robbing her and she was locked in the bathroom. So naturally I call the cops in her area, who go around to check on her. She then texts me going completely nuts cos I sent the cops to check on her, since you know SHE WAS BEING ROBBED IN HER OWN HOME.

Turns out it was all just attention seeking bullsh*t. Needless to say she was ghosted after that. Ladies don't do shit like one benefits.


So many red flags.

When they send far too many messages, call far too many times, and in general give off the vibe that they are obsessed with you. Crying if you you can't be with them at that moment.

Or when they get incredibly possessive to the point of threats if you ever want to leave - threats of saying that you raped them in particular make you question everything. Going through your phone and deleting other women from your contacts. Making you delete certain social media/etc.

And finally, stalking behavior, running into them all the time in public places or at your home or parents house.

Pretty much red flags galore.


Good intentions, but creepy.


Had a note left on my truck when I was in the service (early 2000s). Said I was handsome and to call. I spent 22 months out of 36 at sea and we were all over the Middle East, and my time on land was short, so I took the bait. Call and it was a civilian nurse. She was really embarrassed that her "friend" put the note on my truck. Who knows if her friend was real. I don't even know how the hell they even saw me, my truck was parked at the barracks. Anyways we talk on and off for a bit, but never meeting. Next time I talk to her she says she got the beer I like.

Me - "Wait, they don't sell that in this state, or the states around here. How did you get it?"

Nurse - "I drove 3 states away to get it!"

Me - "You drove over 150 miles away to get beer for me?"

Nurse - "Yeah!"

While some might think this was amazing, having never met the woman, I thought it was a little creepy and borderline stalker... maybe if we had been dating for several months it would be cool. But not the second phone call.

So, creepy.


Good point.

Probably not exactly what you were looking for.

As a gay man, the creepiest girls are the ones that won't stop pushing for me to be their gay best friend.

Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I want to gossip and go shopping and be a stereotype.


Definitely creepy.

  • When they follow/friend every girl you're friends with on social media.
  • When they get angry/annoyed at female customer service employees or angry/annoyed at you for interacting with female customer service employees.
  • When they feel the need to constantly post pictures online to prove how happy your relationship is.
  • When they talk to their friends about your sex life in graphic details.


Girl I met on this dating app for teenagers kept DM'ing me about how she didn't want me to hang out with other girls and she was just insane. Like I didn't even know her so I just blocked her.


A messed-up Elle Woods.


My husbands ex-wife got dumped by a guy who said his feeling just weren't developing as they naturally should. She concocted an entire narrative in her head that he was just so in love with her that he was actually just really scared by his true feelings.

Then shortly after proceeded to change her entire degree plan from Political Science to Psychology so that she could move from AZ to GA "for school" which just happened to be right down the street from where he lived.


Um, what?

Measuring the weight of a carton of yoghurt in the morning before I wake up. Then when she came home later in the day she measured it again, and it weighed the same. She flipped out and threw yoghurt at me for not taking care of myself.

I literally have a hundred different examples like that. Toxic. The breakup was hard but necessary.


That's problematic.

Having a girl your aren't in a relationship with, telling people that you are her future husband.

It was a few years ago, and I had recently broken up with my ex-girlfriend. Hanging out with friends, one of my sister's friend was around. She was interested in me and apparently thought it was ok to tell lots of people that I was her future husband. I wasn't interested in her and never showed any interest in her. My sister even told her to knock it off, but the girl persisted.

What's even worse, she was in a relationship with another guy. Too bad he wasn't there. I'm sure he would really appreciate that kind of behavior.

After that my sister kind of distanced herself from that friend, until a year or so after when I started dating my now fiance. The crazy girl apparently asked sister who my fiance was, and said she wanted to beat up my fiance.

I got a great sister who has tried to distance herself from creepy girl, and creepy girl still tries to hang with my sister in hope that I'm single again someday.


Don't do this.


Persistence after being turned down/blatantly not interested in. Despite being fairly tall and bulky (6'2 210lbs) Im actually a pretty nice person (or so I'm told) but if I'm not interested in someone, I'm not going to dance around the fact, if they ask me out and I'm not interested I will say no. If they were my friend beforehand that doesn't change anything, unless they make it so.

One time last year when I was a junior, there was this one (I think sophomore or freshy) girl that was absolutely obsessed. Asked me out about 2 months into the year, turned her down because I was already in a dedicated relationship at the time. She was already part of a small friend group I had at the time so I didn't think anything of it. But over the course of the next week she asked me out three more times, threatened my girlfriend, followed me home once and called me 56 times, none of which I answered. She just couldn't accept that no means no and I'm fairly certain the next Monday was the first and only time I raised my voice at a girl ( yes I'm aware of this makes me sounds like a white knight but you have to keep in mind I'm this 6 ft guy and most girls at my school barely broke the 5'5 mark)

I didn't get any more grief after that.


Sounds like an HR issue.

Bro. This girl at my work keeps coming near me. And touching me. Talk about personal space. I will go work on something and she comes following me. She makes deathly stare eye contact and it gives me the creeps.


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