'Guy Secrets' Women Don't Know About According To Men

'Guy Secrets' Women Don't Know About According To Men
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Heterosexuals claim to know all there is to know about their opposite gender–especially if they are married or have been in a relationship with them for a long time.

But even couples who claim to know each other well don't know the specific idiosyncracies secretly associated with that of their opposite-sex partners.

Curious to hear examples of what those might be, an interesting discussion was had after Redditor mustafarangoon52 asked:

"What are some 'guy secrets' girls don't know about?"

Strictly male instincts incoming.


"Sometimes we pee on the poo stains in the toilet because we are too lazy to use the scrub."

– iamsochok

Shopping Efficiency

"If we haven’t carried in all the shopping in one go, we haven’t done it right."

– InevitableSignUp

Drying Off

"After a shower, we have no problem drying our balls and face with the same towel. Most of the time we try to dry the face first, then the sack. But sometimes we have to go back to the face. We just hope we use an uncontaminated part of the towel."

– prospecthummmer

When it comes to being around women, not all men act the same.

Maintaining Social Distance

"idk if other guys feel this too, but im always afraid of accidentally making women feel uncomfortable in my presence, for example when i happen to walk in the same direction as a woman in front of me for a while. and im not even interested in women in the first place."

– juicydaddy69

Misconceptions Around Being Male

"Sex isn't all we want in a relationship. I'd rather be with someone who understands me but only does it once in a while than someone who I have sex with every day but don't connect with emotionally and mentally."

"Some of us are into things like cooking, cleaning, makeup, fashion, etc. It doesn't necessarily mean we're gay."

"Please don't tell us to 'man up.' A lot of us were constantly told that growing up whenever we tried to express ourselves so you saying it will often bring up bad memories."

– [deleted]

Aging Together

"As an older man, we don't expect you to look like a supermodel as we age together. Yes, at times I do see you as I did 30 years ago and every wrinkle and flaw disappears. Yes, there are times I see every wrinkle and flaw, and know how you got every one of them. They are beautiful too."

– Duesizzle

No Comment

"Sometimes we don’t talk to people cause we don’t want to intimidate them. I might see a girl with a cool shirt on but I don’t want to make her think I’m coming on to her or something."

"Rather than freak her out that a 6’6 guy thinks she looks good today, I just leave her alone. Especially if we’re on an elevator or something where she can’t leave if she actually is uncomfortable."

– Hades621

Strictly male clarifications ahead.

Guys Have Feelings Too

"I’m secretly an emotional wreck, I just hide it."

– ShakaWTWF

The Space Between

"Man-spreading isn’t a sexual thing, we’re trying not to crush our balls between our legs."

– [deleted]

What Dads Do

"Maybe this is more of a 'dad secret' but, I dont 'baby sit' my own kids, that's called fathering damnit!"

– dapharaoh

Compliments Welcome

"If you compliment my appearance I will probably remember forever."

"I still remember when a girl in college told me I look nice with my beard when I first grew it out. I’ve had a beard ever since..."

– 01123581321AhF**kIt

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