Women Share Their Funniest 'That Is Not How Women Work' Experiences
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There are many male paramours who claim they can please the fairer sex in the bedroom.

While that may or may not be true according to the women with whom they share a romantic evening, some Romeoes may come up short when it comes to knowing everything about women.

Specifically, what some dudes believe to be true about the female body is downright hysterical and is something that was explored when Redditor Gamestar02 asked:

"Women of Reddit, What's your 'That's not how women work" moment?"

It's interesting how some men are completely in the dark about how menstrual cycles work.

Can't Swim At The Moment

"The first guy I dated wanted to go swimming, but I told him no because I started my period and felt sore and crampy. He asked me if I could finish it before the end of the day so we could go swimming the next day…bruh, I wish it was that easy!"

– robo-dragon

The Yoga Fix

"An old boyfriend once explained that if I was having cramps, I just needed to do what his ex did: 'there's this one yoga pose that will make that shift in the uterus that usually takes a few days happen in just a few minutes. It drops, and then your period is done in one day instead of four or five'. He couldn't elaborate any further, (what 'shifts'? What 'drops'?) But he swore he was 100% right his ex cut her period down to one day with yoga."

– trashytamboriney

Peeing Solves Everything

"I was complaining about my period, and this awful guy goes 'just pee it out for f'ks sake.'"

– ThatOneTheatreGhost

Some guys can learn a thing or two about feminine hygiene products.

He Needed An Education

"Had a very amusing convo with a gentleman once. Dude was confused why we would need pads. He asked why we didn't just go to the toilet more often on our periods. He thought that we were able to hold our period in line you do with pee and pads are only if accidents happen. So his reasoning is that if women would be more careful we wouldn't need menstrual products. Props to him, he was apologetic after I explained it to him and overall respectful."

– RRay108

Leaking Blue

"Had a guy friend in college who seriously thought women leaked blue liquid during their periods, like what you see in maxi pad commercials."

– karaokechameleon

Alarming Frequency

"My (female) bff (male) was my date to the prom. Because of my awful luck, I happened to be on my period."

"As we exited my car, I grabbed a handful of tampons to toss in my clutch and my date asked me 'Omg are you having 8 periods??'"

"Yeah he thought you used 1 tampon per menstrual cycle. If only- the $ I would have saved over the years!"

– farts_n_darts

Tampons To-Go

"And at the opposite end of that spectrum of male ignorance you have NASA scientists who packed a few hundred tampons when Sally Ride was going up for a few weeks and checked with her to make sure they had enough!"

– Raddatatta

Uninformed To The Max

"There was one guy online who tried responding to womens' complaints about expensive period products. He started by saying 'a tampon holds 4-12 mls of fluid... women lose about 40 mls per cycle ...'"

– heidismiles

Umm, They're Not Diapers

"I'm at the store with my friend stocking up on pads, tampons, etc. As I'm putting boxes in the cart, my friend starts generally complaining about the prices. Understandable, so I agree. We finish up in the aisle and as we're walking away, a full grown 30-something looking man mumbles, 'just hold your pee like everyone else.' We were so taken back that we didn't even say anything. I never realized before this moment how utterly dense some people can be."

– out_of_nutella_again

Two Different Functions

"Tampons are NOT pleasurable and are not the same as dildos."

– moonlitcat13

Where do these guys get their information?

Stopping The Pain

"I was on my period and I had horrible cramps. One of my guy friends came over to keep me company but he wasn't really prepared for how much pain I was in. I was crying bc it hurt so bad and the poor guy really wanted to help but didn't know what to do so he just suggested that I ' push out all the blood at once bc that usually helped him when trying to stop a nosebleed '."

"After he said that I looked at him like 'wtf' and he said ' what? Doesn't it stop hurting once all the blood is out?' I explained to him what happens to a female body when we get our period and he was just shocked, it kinda cheered me up tho bc I thought it was hilarious."

– Concrete_cats

After Birth

"Person on TV gives birth. 5 minutes later, belly is flat and back to normal."


– Aceandmace

Ladies Don't Come With Fidget Spinners

"women's nipples don't spin around"

"i swear."

– teacherbooboo

Walking Milk Factory

"The best situation I can think of was something a friend of mine said once. His sister was breastfeeding and said something like 'I don’t know if I have enough left' to her baby. So my friend kindly suggested that someone else can volunteer and asked me. I said well I’m not lactating, since I don’t have a baby and he was honestly shocked to learn that only women who actually gave birth are able to breastfeed. He was convinced every woman just casually has boobs full of breastmilk at all times. He was 25 at that time. I will never forget this."

– mrl_a

Getting Loose

"If more sex meant looser vaginas, having a kid would mean a catastrophe down there. 🤦🏻♀️ clearly women have multiple kids, you’d think the logic was simple that it doesn’t work that way."

– Thanmandrathor

A Small Misconception

"A guy once told me he know i was a virgin because my boobs were small. That boobs grow every time a woman has sex. Jokes on him, I’m just a slut with small boobs."


Fellas, if you're uncertain about how the female body works, it would behoove you to educate yourself before confidently making false assumptions to their face.

Because there's nothing worse–or even hysterical–than being mansplained by a dude who doesn't have a clue about what he's talking about.

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