This certainly comes as a shock to many people, but not everywhere is America.

Hard as that is to grasp, there is a larger contingency of people who don't get this. This means there's things about the world they may never understand because it's not something that regularly happens here.

Like socialized healthcare, free education, and a political system that doesn't revolve around the "rock star" status of only two parties.

Reddit user, neolee203, wanted to know what Americans just don't get when they asked:

"What is something americans will never understand ?"

Money is a largely important here in the states.

What we use it on varies widely from overseas.

You're Stuck With It

"That in some places we can't just return things we have bought because we don't like them."


"I remember hearing that in America you can return makeup after you bought if you don't like it. In the UK I couldn't do that, I think some companies now have a policy that you can return stuff if it's unopened and unused but I always thought it was crazy you can return used stuff in the US. Apparently, if you return it it just gets thrown out and destroyed?"


Paying To Keep Something Clean? Preposterous!

"American here. Paying to use the restroom!"


"I thought I'd be pissed about this too when I visited Germany, and I was until I got inside after paying and it was absolutely spotless. Turns out throwing a euro at an attendant to support cleaning and maintenance makes even the restrooms most likely to be highly used or vandalized (near public transit, parks, etc.) pleasant to use."


We've Been Tricked

"Lower Uni fees =/= Bad Uni"


"In my country, the best unis are public. You can study for zero fees."


Maybe it's a lack of education, or lack of deeper understanding, but there is a length of divide between what some Americans understand about various cultures around the world.

A Repeated Phrase

"'Chai Tea' means 'Tea Tea'."


"like Naan bread"


"I’m going to use my PIN number at the ATM machine to get cash money to buy a chai tea with naan bread."


You Have To Know What A Crumpet Is...



"I know there are wickets, tea times, and ducks involved."


"I understand all of these things pretty well as an American. Except for Cricket. Whoever answered Cricket, well done. Don’t really understand it, and probably never will."


Not All The Same

"I find it strange (some) Americans think Europe is just one entity that is comparable to the USA."

"It's not. Countries are not comparable to states. The differences between Poland & Spain are far greater than those between California & Florida."


These ones are just disappointing.

You Don't Have To Worship Them...

"I don’t understand why political parties are treated like rock bands and idols. The amount of merchandise (such as maga hats, political yard signs, and t-shirts of your favorite politician’s face) aren’t things i would see on a daily basis here in Europe."

"Edit: since lot of people are complaining, my answer would be : (many) Americans don’t understand that treating their politicians as celebrities and Biblical figures is WEIRD and not a thing outside of the US."

"Edit 2: To the people saying that this also happens outside of the US, such as Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, 1930’s Germany, etc., that’s not the flex you think it is. Also there’s a big difference between endorsement and idolization. Even my pet spider can tell the difference. And yes, i know it’s not ALL Americans. Jesus."


"Wait do Americans actually wear those? I thought it was just satire meme material"


The Same, But Not Really

"That being from a place and having ancestors from a place are not the same thing."


"i’m italian!"

"Bro you never been to Italy, don’t speak Italian, and both your parents were born in the USA, wtf are you on about?"


So. Much. Better.

"How much better the metric system is."


"Friend, those of us that majored in science know- in lab settings, we use metric. Different story for those who haven’t. Now in daily life…. Yikes. I’m 24 and still don’t know what a mile is, other than 4 laps around our…. 400 meter track."

"Edit: I’m not asking what a mile is, I’m making fun of it. Stop commenting the ye-old-days measurements or the “5280ft” I know it’s 5280ft. I do not care. It doesn’t make sense in today’s times, or probably even back then."


The world may be closed now, but hopefully it won't be closed forever. When that time comes maybe go out and travel for a little bit? You know. If you have the time.

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