Things That May Seem Normal In One Country But Weird To The Rest Of The World

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Different parts of the world are characterized by diversity and culture.

It's what makes us all unique.

But sometimes, it's those differences that can seem perplexing to those who don't have an open mind.

And instead of trying to be enlightened by foreign customs that are "normal", they can be perceived as "strange" or "weird" by outsiders.

Redditor ojlol2 sought to spark a conversation on the concept of what is normal by asking:

"What is normal in your country but seems weird to the rest of the world?"

The following descriptions are of how people roll in their respective regions.

It Tells Us When To Go

"Calling a Traffic Light a Robot."

– itryandgiveadvice


"Men holding hands in public as a display of friendship is normal in Afghanistan but super weird in the west."

– MichianaMan

Encouraging Destruction

"Whole restaurants cheering when a plate or glass is smashed (UK). Once was in a Canadian bar/restaurant on holiday and a waiter dropped a tray of glasses, the local looked horrified when I was out of my seat screaming 'wheyyyyyy.'”

– owen-sksk


"Eating with our hands."

"In 1969 (the same year the man landed on the moon), Miss Gloria Diaz coveted the Philippines' first Miss Universe Crown. During the preliminary Q&A, she was asked 'Is it true that you Filipinos use your hand when you eat?' To which she replied 'Why? Do you use your feet?' and went her way to winning the crown."

– NorqMarash

Welcome Harassment

"In my friend's country, Easter is when gangs of boys roam the countryside, pouring water over girls and beating them (gently) with sticks. The girls then have to thank them for it."

"I thought that was pretty weird."

– himit

Respect The Slumber

"Leaving your baby alone outside for their nap, even if it rains or snows."

– e_ph

They're forms of protection.

Glass Moat

"Putting broken glass bottles on the walls around your house so burglars cant jump it and rob you. I moved to Canada and they don't even have walls around the houses!"

– anon

Winged Beasts

"Putting cable ties, branches, fake eyes etc on helmets, buckets and hats in spring time to scare away the birds. Magpies are vicious."

– LostBetweenthePages

These are so yum.

Now, Stomach This

"Blood pudding and fermented fish."

– Skeightrgurl

Would You Be "Loving' It?"

"Having Spaghetti in Mcdonalds."

– fyi360

How Sweet & Savory

"Eating biscuits and gravy. I traveled to the UK and told them that biscuits and gravy is a very common breakfast food and as you would expect they were highly confused (biscuit=cookie across the pond) why we would take something sweet and cover it in gravy. And also was confused that the gravy we use has sausage in it and is white."

– KorRay

Some people not from Japan think it's "weird" how commuters on the subways of Tokyo are all deathly silent.

There are signs discouraging normal level conversations. Phone calls are restricted.

As a visitor, I actually appreciated the peace and quiet. It's the only place of zen until riders step out into the chaotic flow of their day-to-day living.

If serenity is not for you, then using New York's MTA system must be pure bliss.

But, to each their own.

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