What's on the menu?

Not all foods can be served in varying degrees of temperature. But some have a sort of multi-tasking consumption ability.

Certain foods MUST be hot, and others cold as ice.

And then some... you can eat any moment of the day and at any temp.

I love those foods.

Redditor FattyGobbles wanted to talk about the best of menus, no matter how it's prepared, they asked:

"What food tastes great cold as it does hot?"

Chinese food.

I can eat chinese food frozen.

OK, that's exaggerating, but it is just as good cold as hot.

That's a scientific fact.


"Those sweet Hawaiian rolls." ~ tsundereed

"King's Hawaiian is the brand name. They are the sh*t." ~ OnTheEveOfWar


phyllo dough

"Baklava." ~ t1dogsandweights

"As long as you use store bought phyllo dough, making baklava from scratch is actually not particularly difficult."

"Just layer the dough sheets in a baking dish with melted butter and a nut/cinnamon mixture, slice it, bake it, and then pour the syrup over it just as it is out of the oven. The sound of it crackling when the syrup is poured on is just. Wow. One shouldn't eat it just then, though, because you want to wait for the syrup to be fully absorbed." ~ HootieRocker59

Soups on...

"Soba noodles. Cold soba in the summer is refreshing, and hot in the winter to keep your warm." ~ Sasazaki222

"Soupy noodles in general seem to fit the bill (at least from my Japanese standpoint). Soba, udon, hiyashi chuka/ramen... I'm starting to get hungry." ~ sassafrankimberly

"I get the soba sauce and noodles from my local H Mart and then just takeout tempura from the Japanese place near me when I want soba. Incredibly low effort for the payoff, and you can totally make an individual serving size fresh a few nights in a row instead of a large one for your family." ~ waterfountain_bidet

The Best of Life

"Chocolate." ~ CupOk3383

"Many years ago I found myself in Madrid visiting a friend. I didn’t know this before hand, but if you ever get the opportunity to go to Madrid, stay up all evening eating tapas and end the night with hot chocolate. My initiation into this involved going down to a basement level establishment in central Madrid around 3 in the morning,."

"Walked past a guy stirring a huge pot of chocolate, aromas of cacao beans and flickers of candle light bouncing off stone walls escorted me to a solid wooden table. Sit, talk, drink amazing chocolate. If there was a choice to live in a world with either chocolate or coffee. I choose chocolate." ~ bayous2mountains

That Hour

"2 am snacks." ~ TheFriendlyDrunks

"I’ll crush 11 Oreos and a glass of milk at 2am no problem." ~ letsgobruins


Why do things taste better at 2am?

The exact hour we should NEVER eat?

It just all goes down so smooth, though.

It's All American

"Pie." ~ anb1017

"I don't think anyone enjoys hot and cold pie equally but I do think both sides have large and loyal fanbases. I'm team cold." ~ basedlandchad14


BOOM. Delicious.

"Soft bread." ~ frenchjolynekujo

"I mean this works a couple ways too. Like a piece of bread and butter, with good bread, and a quality butter, is delicious on its own Toast that up first, BOOM, delicious! But a fresh slice, from a fresh baked loaf thats still warm, well." ~ Aksi_Gu

Such good dairy...

"Cheese." ~ Yippyskippyhippy

"I like (almost) every kind of cheese more when it's melted. But my mother hates when cheese is melted on anything but pizza. Like, years back, she asked if I would make her a sandwich when I was going to go make one for myself."

"I said sure, made them both, heated them just enough to melt the cheese, and she reacted to it in disgust. Not in a rude way, I don't even remember if she asked me to remake it or not, but I was left always remembering that she cannot stand melted cheese." ~ waltjrimmer



~ Sceptile4president

"Among meats, also chicken and corned beef. As for ham, I sometimes cut it into 1/2 inch slices and broil on each side. It's supposed to be for sandwiches, but I snack on them cold. Only works with cuts from a 1/2 ham, pre-cut ham slices are too thin. Does anyone else hate that pre-cut ham slices are slicing off the best part before you buy your rump end ham?" ~ JustaRandomOldGuy

Just gimme...

"Brownies." ~ SpectralDM

“'A nice warm brownie' and 'a nice chilled brownie' sound equally delicious in ways most other foods do not." ~ TheAndorran



Eat brownies, wherever, whenever, however you can get them.

And pasts, pasta is great in all states.

I love carbs.

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