People Share Which Foods They'll Never Get Tired Of Eating
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What's on the menu?

Hopefully the answer to that is... everything!

We all have our comfort foods and favorites.

Food is not just for survival. Food is a healer. A friend. A companion. A reason to live.

So why not hold onto the best food there is?

Eat it everyday.

RedditorRecent_Cauliflower54wanted to hear about what items on the menu are an obsession.

They asked:

"What food will you never get tired of no matter how many times you eat it?"

I could gobble Chinese food (well American's version for now, until I visit China) everyday. Anything on the menu.


"Bread." ~ goodnightwren

"Bread is my weakness. Anything with Bread, I'm all in, lol." ~ MotorCityDude



"Fried rice." ~ djtan73

"I love fried rice because it’s so versatile. You can do so much with it. Different rice every time and different toppings. Whatever’s in your fridge or freezer you can toss in there. Eggs for protein. It’s so forgiving. I make lazy omurice using more ketchup than I should and just lay the egg on top and my husband is slowly coming around to it." ~ tachycardicIVu

Simple Yum

"Banh mi. Never ever ever will I get sick of them." ~ Extension-Ferret5682

"Vietnamese springrolls are the best too. So simple but so tasty so its easier to eat a lot without being overwhelmed. Tons of sauces you get with them are bomb." ~ LeynaSepKim


"Potatoes... made anyway." ~ Flimsy_Respect_8886

"There is an incorrect way to make potatoes, actually that will dramatically reduce the quality. I didn’t know this until recently, but adding cold things to hot potatoes congeals the outer layer, giving it that papery texture; not delicious. A lot of folks add butter and milk after the potatoes are boiled for mashing/whipping but you should always heat up the milk and butter before adding it."

"And the potatoes will be 100x better. As a kid I had to put ketchup on my mash because my dad made such awful spuds. I realized why they were so bad later in life - he added the butter and cream from the fridge once he strained the water, and also rinsed the potatoes after boiling. Rooking mistake." ~ josiahpapaya

Fry Stix

"Fries all the way!" ~ SDV_Inv

"I judge restaurants on their fries." ~ Ok_Ad5344


Fries forever! And they're from potatoes!! YUM!!

it's a pie...

"Pizza, for sure." ~ Mc_Bubbles00

"How is this not the top answer. There is a pizza for literally all tastes, all occasions. F**k it I might even have a Pizza at my wedding." ~ UnresolvedInsecurity


Just in Cape May NJ...

"Burritos, there is so many types of burritos it will never get old (along with different condiments). Including breakfast burritos! I also love burritos in general." ~ potatoesrawesome_

"I went on vacation one year and ate a burrito every day from a different restaurant for 8 days straight. I wasn't even in a Hispanic country or anything where it was some kind of specialty local cuisine; Just in Cape May NJ." ~ Jaboodee

Berries all the way...

"Strawberries… I will eat then until I feel like my stomach will pop. I can eat them everyday and never get tired of it." ~ Stay_Cozy_

"That’s me with raspberries. Didn’t help that I worked overnights at a grocery store so I’d get two large packages almost everyday. There were some occasions where I only ate one so I didn’t need any more." ~ NotSoSlenderMan

When in ASDA

"Gyoza. They've started selling them at ASDA, and I have to stop myself buying £50 of it every week." ~ TomasNavarro"

"I can't hear about this food without thinking about the show Dorohedoro (based on a manga, but I've only seen the show). It's very much not a cooking show, but they made a big deal about how good it was in every episode." ~ LevelSevenLaserLotus

"For anyone else wondering what 'Gyoza’s' are, they are East Asian pork dumplings that you boil." ~ DB-Wolfson

From the Sea

"All seafood. If it weren’t for seafood I would be a vegetarian. In particular scallops and shrimp. I will never not eat scallops and shrimp." ~ Vesuvius_v


Now THIS is a menu. If I didn't have a ton of seafood allergies I'd be ready to go. I still love me shrimp and salmon.

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