People Break Down Their Favorite Ways To Say 'WTF'
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Don't you love using naughty words and phrases?

It's like an addiction sometimes.

Especially when you're learning new and inventive ways to utilize them.

So many options...

RedditorGuildernstern87 wanted to hear about all the ways to be creative when in shock.

They asked:

"What is your favorite variation of the saying 'What the f**k?'"

I love using naughty words in subtle or over the top ways. Tell me...

No Way

Season 5 No GIF by The OfficeGiphy

"Ain’t no f**king way."


"This deserves top comment!!"



"I'm a fan of 'what in tarnation?' and'"what f**kery is this?'"


"'What kind of f**kery is this?' Remains one of the best opening lyrics to a song that I can think of."


"Same.I also like to throw in a 'what the heckerooni' or 'what in the ding dang damnable f**k' every now and again to keep things spicy."


Doth tell us...

"Pardon me, my good *itch. What seems to be the f**k?"


"I'm stealing this."


"That's just it, sire, it appears we are bereft of f**ks. Throughout thy kingdom, there is nary a f**k to be given nor had."



"I remember one of the times I really laughed at a post was when an article years back announced a Call of Duty game download would something like 50-60 GB and someone replied with a photoshopped picture of Hitler raising his sunglasses and saying 'VOT ZE F**K!'"



No Way Wtf GIF by HarlemGiphy

"What fresh hell is this?"


"Dorothy Parker in the house!!!!!"


Fresh Hell. I've been using that one.


Big Bang Theory Team GIFGiphy

"What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on here?"


A Gassy Response

"My kid will say either What the What or What the Fart. He's 11 so we are hearing a lot of the fart variation right now."


"I, a grown man, am still fond of 'What in Fart's name?' Yes, I do take Fart's name in vain."


"When we were kids we said, nowhere near parental units, mother fuzz-farter! Still fun to say."


Oh La La

"In Quebec we say, 'Qu'est-ce que f**k?' to give it that European flair. Also it's funny as hell. Go ahead, say it out loud."


"Must be relatively new. Lived there for 23 years but moved away in 2009 and never heard 'qu’est-ce que fuck.'"


"Maybe it’s more of an Ontario thing? Also, I know I’ve only heard it among anglophones."



"I like adding unrelated qualifiers such as What the Kentucky fried f**k, or What the biscuit eating f**k. It adds a little extra zing to the emotional expression while also confusing your enemies for a moment while they attempt to decide just exactly what a biscuit eating f**k is."



Oh My God Omg GIFGiphy

"'What is wrong with you?' or... 'Quê?' or 'what?'"


I love all of these and I will implement immediately.

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