People Describe Their Absolute Favorite Thing Their Significant Other Does
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Finally finding the love of your life to settle down with after experiencing one disappointing date after another is pure bliss.

But it's what comes after the initial attraction that makes your soulmate one to stick around for.

To demonstrate this, Redditor Danielly13 asked strangers on the internet:

"What's your favorite thing your SO does?"


"She is very understanding. I never feel dumb saying something to her."

– dodger28

"Damn wish my relationship with bf were like that."

– SleeplessNight21

Brain Like A Sponge

"He's just genuinely an optimistic person and it makes me feel better. He always finds the upside to something and focuses on the good and it's really refreshing - even if I'm being a negative nancy about everything."

"In addition his brain is like a dang sponge. He's so good at obtaining information and everyday I feel like he's telling me something new that he's been learning about, it's pretty cool."

– milkenema420

Peace Offering

"If we have an argument and are both huffing, she will secretly order us our favourite take away meal and leave it in the kitchen. I can't resist opening it and then she will come into me and say 'oh?' And we will both just start laughing and say sorry."

– luckycharms_889

"My Happiness"

"Always asks me if I'm ok or what's wrong when I'm quiet. I'm in my head a lot so it really helps to keep me grounded. She's my happiness."

– allthingsbangboomzip

Cute Voice Memos

"He can never remember the lyrics to any songs. That doesn't stop him from singing along at the top of his voice. We're long distance at the moment and he sends me voice memos of him singing along to songs he knows I like, always with the absolutely wrong lyrics. He's adorable."

– AHedgehogNamedSeb


"She'll turn off her phone and give me her undivided attention."

– kukukele

Dance Connection

"My SO is a bit of a music nerd, so when he discovers a new album he puts it on speaker."

"The thing is, he often gets so lost in the moment that he starts dramatically mouthing the words and dances along to the tunes. Soon enough he drags me into his little eccentric dance."

"Are we good at dancing? Hell no, but he's f'ken feelin' it and in those moments the strongest emotions I feel are happiness and gratefulness for his existence."

– I_must_not_buuut

What Mutual Passion Does

"Gets super excited about things he is interested in, but even more excited when they are things I am also interested in because it's something we can share."

– mkm577

"I can attest that when my girlfriend is interested in stuff I'm interested in it makes me really happy."


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Those Three Words

"He randomly says 'I love you'. Like we will just be sitting on the couch watching the news, and he'll say it. I know he means it then. It makes me tingle inside, even after 6 years."

– Denverleah74

"Mine does this too. We'll be doing something completely random and he'll just look at me and say I love you baby. Gives me the warm fuzzy feeling inside."

– anonymous2278

Human Pillow

"loves to fall asleep on me anywhere especially on vechicles."

– PaintComprehensive36

Comforting Sounds

"The sound of her voice when she's yawning or laughing makes me feel calm and relaxed like no other thing can do. She is the medicine to anything that puts me in s bad mood."

– Iskelmaikel

Random Gesture

"He buys me flowers. For no reason other than he loves me. It’s random too most of the time but he always buys flowers for my birthday. I am beyond lucky to have such an amazing husband."

– coffeeandjesus1986

Observing The Joys

"I love watching him watch the things he loves. The way he lights up and laughs is indescribable."

"I also really love when he randomly touches me. Sometime he’ll lean over and pat my head, or gently tug my hair, or bop whatever body part is closest with the remote, and I absolutely love it. And I especially love that he does it often and entirely unprompted."

– SmileIntelligent3940

Natural Problem Solver

"Her ability to just figure any situation out. Doesn’t matter if it’s finding new health care, dealing with the bank, fixing something at the house while I’m gone, or pretty much just finding a solution to any problem. She’s a natural problem solver and the peace of mind that brings me as a partner is amazing."

"Edit: Appreciate all the concern about not letting your partner do all of the 'problem solving' by themselves (that is great advice). Thankfully in my situation we are pretty equally competent and so when we can do it together, we crush it. But when we need to divide and conquer, I know damn well she’s gonna handle her business no problem (and I will handle mine). This is especially apparent to me as my ex was essentially useless and if I didn’t do something, it didn’t get done."

– _Takub_

A Plush Accommodation

"Puts up with me."

"Sometimes, in the middle of the night I'll roll over, and she'll roll over too so she can pat my butt."

– Guvnuh_T_Boggs

Infectious Laughter

"His childish charm. He’s this 6 foot something bearded man but he will give me the sweetest smile, and hold me with so much care, and caress my hair, sing the most upbeat songs to me, and giggle with me when something is hilarious."

– [deleted]

Kindness Matters

"He is so kind and generous to everyone!"

"Especially homeless people. Not only he likes to give them money and food, but he always talks to them so he can understand their needs and provide the best donations."

"For example, he often gives rides to the store to this girl so she can buy food, he gives blankets every winter to this guy who is not homeless, but lives in a very poor condition. He also, sometimes, donates them his time and spend hours just talking and listening a lot."

"He is genuinely the most kind person I know and it inspires me so much!"

– suicidalsociety


"He holds my hand and gently squeezes it in a rhythmic kinda way when we're in crowded spaces so I don't get overwhelmed and shut down."

– digerydonnut


"Explains every little detail of something to me with unlimited patience and in so much depth. Like, he’s a musician and he’ll tell me about something he’s learning to play and take all the time to explain the technical aspects to me, even though he has to start from scratch because I know nothing about it."

"We have a lot of problems that we may not be able to work through, but I could spend the rest of my life listening to him talk about things he enjoys or knows a lot about and never get bored of it."

– molotov_cockteaze

Whether your significant other performs grand gestures—or even subtle ones—to remind you they're grateful for you, is always appreciated.

But it's the quirky idiosyncrasies that will always prove you've found your person.

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