We knew them when.

Famous people have to be from somewhere.

It feels like they're aliens and are unreachable.

But they're real and they have origins in some unlikely places.

Most towns, schools, etc, have a few people they can say... walked these streets.

Redditor VirindiPuppetDT wanted to hear about who is your town's claim to fame.

So they asked:

"Who is the most famous person from your hometown?"

I'm not sure who is from my humble beginnings. Just me.

Purple Neighbor

Prince GIFGiphy



"My dad used to live in Carver. I didn't find out until he moved how close he lived to Paisley Park."


The Neighborhood

"I'll just go with two of my favorites. Michael Keaton and Fred Rogers. I lived a couple of miles from his house and went to high school next door to WGED (where he taped)."

"Our smoking area was on QED's side of the school and he'd come over and chat with us sometimes."

"It was embarrassing standing there with a cigarette in my hand while talking to him. (It didn't bother any of us to smoke in front of the Brothers) I still live in the same neighborhood and it's a catholic school, hence the Brothers."


Walk On

"I’m from NYC, so about a million people. But for my neighborhood, it’s 100% Christopher Walken."


"The King of New York."


"Never knew he was a professional tap dancer!"


"Could've knocked me over with a feather when someone told me that after I saw some video short he was in dancing and then the movie America's Sweethearts."


The Writer

"Stephen King."


"Says he's from Portland, ME... pretty sure Bangor is known for him though. Especially since Derry is based off the city. I'm technically not from Bangor either, I'm from Clifton, ME."


"Bangor represent!"



John Waters Smile GIF by Locarno Film FestivalGiphy

"Michael Phelps for the normies, John Waters for everyone else."


"John Waters is the best. Dude donated to a museum and asked them to name the bathrooms after him."


John Waters. Saint. I want a bathroom named after me.

From Nowhere

Oh Yeah Lol GIF by Focus FeaturesGiphy

"Brad Pitt. Springfield MO."


"I always wondered how somebody from the middle of nowhere ends up a Hollywood movie star. There's literally zero opportunities for that so how the hell."


Just Smile

"Michael J Fox, Burnaby BC. I grew up in Vancouver and heard many stories from friends, back in the day, of him being drinking in clubs, sitting alone, with a dumb happy smile on his face. I never ran into him, but was always on the look-out! lol. I've always had a special spot in my heart for him."


Love Her

"Carrie from Portlandia went to my high school but there’s like 4 towns that claim her because her family moved around the local area a few times."


"I went to a barbecue at her house in Portland once. It was before Portlandia when she was that woman from Sleater Kinney."


"I love she is known more for Portlandia than her music. Oddly, I think she might appreciate this."


On a brighter note...

"Jerry Springer…was our mayor…"


"He actually paid a sex worker with a bad check, and she took him to court for the bad check. He was RE-elected after this happened. I feel sad for all of us. On a brighter note... Sarah Jessica Parker, born near, but lived here for her school years George Clooney, which is not true he was actually raised in Kentucky. But his father was a newscaster in Cincinnati which is why he gets tied here."

"Nick Lachey. Doris Day. Steven Spielberg, moved from here when he was very little."


In the Zone

Season 3 Episode 24 GIF by Paramount+Giphy

"Rod Serling. The dude who created that odd show called Twilight Zone. A character mentions the name of my hometown in one of the episodes."


People come from everywhere. Good to know anyone, from anywhere can be anything.

Do any celebrities come from where you grew up? Let us know in the comments below.

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