People Explain Which Things They Would Absolutely Love To Ban

An overwhelming majority of us have plenty of things we are annoyed by every single day, and also lack the power to doing anything about them.

That unfortunate, infuriating state is just the norm. We walk through life seeing, hearing, and enduring daily pitfalls whose existences make zero sense to us.

But if we did have the power to outlaw just one of those annoyances, how hard of a choice would that be?

Apparently for some Redditors, the choice was clear. They were happy to share their selection.

Redditor jinxy_wolfy asked:

"What would you ban?"

Many people have absolutely had it with the annoying aspects of using the internet every day.


"That damn fake 'x' button to close out mobile game adds" -- WebbedRose103

"Or when it's a real x button, but they make it so small that you click the ad anyway." -- tomuglycruise

"That and the moving button that makes you click on ads as it loads more and more ads." -- Maester_erryk

Others spoke specifically about the world of advertising and constantly encountering people trying to sell something. The lengths they'll go are endless.

Crafty Delivery

"You're no longer allowed to advertise a lower price than what the customer will pay. No more $29.99... plus $100 in fees."

-- aseriesofcatnoises

Burner Numbers

"Calling someone you don't know to solicit. I get 12+ calls a day and block each one and still get 12 more the next day. I'll hang up on them because they're calling while I'm using GPS and they'll just immediately call and interrupt the map again."

-- MycologistPutrid7494

Glue and Plastic

"selling food that looks significantly different in person than it does in advertising/food glamour shots." -- skepticones

"This is why I like eating out in Japan. There are plastic examples of dishes in the front window. If something looks good, you go in and ask for it, and it matches the one in the window every time!" -- EmEmPeriwinkle

Game Changer


"Then I could actually visit my friends and family again and have something to talk about other than them asking me if I saw something on facebook, or why I didnt like a picture."

"People would not be bombarded with misinformation and virtue signaling 24/7. Hell, people might actually have an idea of their own for a change."

"It's crazy how little of a concern privacy is now."

-- the_crouton_


"99% of advertising."

"IMO, we should have to seek out adverts for things that we have already identified we have a want or need for. Instead we are treated as objects that must be advertised to at all hours of the day and have a disgusting amount forced upon us."

"Adverts manipulate us into buying stuff we don't need, which drives unnecesary consumerism and waste."

-- ocelot_piss

Meet Us Halfway

"companies making terms of service purposefully written in difficult to read terms filled to the brim with legalese for 50 pages. before a service is allowed to be published it should have a short, concise, accurate, and easy to read and understand version of the TOS..."

" every person signing up knows exactly what they're agreeing to. it's really not fair to respond to people complaining about companies harvesting data with 'you agreed to the TOS' when the TOS would take like 3 hours and a legal degree to actually read all the way through."

-- TheDonutPug

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And others set their sights on the toxic elements of human culture that seem to make everyone worse off.

All About Context

"Medical misinformation."

"Too many loopholes in current law. For instance Dr. Oz would lose his medical license if he told a patient in his office the same things he says on TV. But broadcasts aren't technically doctor-patient relationships, so he gets away with misleading millions of people."

-- doublestitch

Poor Puppers

"Puppy mills" -- godhasmoreaids

"Backyard breeders too imo. I see a lot of poorly bred dogs who have major issues because a family wants a payday." -- EmEmPeriwenkle

Poor All Other Animals

"MarineLand and all zoos that mistreat their animals."

Genuine nature preserves that respect and care for their animals, with lots and lots of room, hey, more power to you. But establishments that keep animals as exhibits in tiny spaces have to be stopped."

-- slackerdan


"Child beauty pageants, just fu** off with that sh**" -- Russian_Terminator

"Yes. It is disgusting to see little girls caked with makeup parading around in adult clothing.Gross." -- glenarbourgal

A Very Personal Example

"People from saying I look like if Danny Devito lost 20 lbs and grew a few inches and then shaved his beard."

-- Ben10usr

Literally Toxic

"Cigarettes. Between the air pollution, litter, and negative public health effects, it's an obvious choice"

-- Teuton89

Down With Fees!

" 'Shop supplies' fees on auto service or 'convenience fees' on concert tickets."

"Blah blah, 'this fee is used to cover all the things we use on your car that we don't specifically bill you for' "

"Please, bill me directly for whatever rag and spray you used on my car. Certainly it's not $50."

-- mathaiser

Passing the Buck

"Tipping. Pay everyone a livable wage and adjust prices accordingly." -- rasterized

"Tipping should be something you give for extra ordinary service. When someone does their job but goes the extra mile." -- metroidhntr

Of course, none of us will get the chance to ban any of these things. But we can dream, can't we?

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