People Explain Which Acceptable Things Today Will Be Frowned Upon In 30 Years

Who knows what the future holds?

We can try to assume, but history has shown us we'd probably be wrong.

It used to feel like every decade, the culture changed.

Now it spins out of control every other day.

One can barely keep up.

We look back at things we thought were acceptable last week to learn it's all outdated.

Decades plus from now?

Reddit had some guesses and predictions of commonplace things today that are bound to change.

Redditor SilentPrints wanted to discuss what the future may hold, so they asked:

"What is something that is generally accepted today that in 30 years, future generations will find unacceptable?"

I'm hoping the two political party system sees some updates.

Breaks Required

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"Forcing doctors to work 24-hour shifts. Do you feel safe knowing that this happens all the time, folks?"


"I would definitely hate to think that the doctor doing my life-saving emergency procedure is on his 24th hour."


Stay Home

"Going out/to work while sick. I thought we would already have seen this behavior driven out by the pandemic, but in our desperation for normalcy, we've largely chosen to revert to how we used to handle that, it seems. I think as time moves on and we develop better methods for handling this, such as social norms and testing, we will see future generations act more appropriately, given the general public is now more aware of how varied people's responses to a disease can be."


Stay Private

"Posting kids on social media."


"I find this one to be a truly interesting answer because of how the current younger generations (both young parents posting their children pretty much since birth and children/teenagers with phones) publicize most aspects of their lives on social media that it’s almost impossible for them to comprehend a time prior to them being on it - on the flipside internet privacy, safety, boundaries, and consent with children are becoming topics that are being explored a lot more than they may have even 10 years ago."


Money Matters

"There will still be an overwhelming shortage of physicians with population growth and the continuation of profit driven healthcare. At least in America, if you don’t remove the profit model from medicine these things won’t change. A lawsuit is cheaper than the salaries, especially if you are at a teaching/ learning hospital that has caps on the amount that they can be sued. It shouldn’t be this way but unless you can come up with more money than the insurance companies, it won’t change."



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"Hopefully collecting/selling data about people. Also telemarketers and spoofing numbers. Being on the Do Not Call List isn't enough."


"Just insult them or start to scream, they will never call again and you will have a good laugh. Got the last call 2 years ago and I kinda miss it tbh lol."


This data collecting is scary. Not good.

Just a Hello

"$7 greeting cards."


"Holy sh*t right. I'll see the most basic cards for $7-8 from Hallmark and anything fancy is like $10-20. Hell I even saw miniature cards, the size of like 4 stamps for $5 there."



"5 day/40 hour work weeks."


"The company I work for just changed over to 4 day work weeks. It’s amazing for quality of life."

"Hopefully it’s something that can get more traction, but I doubt it. Especially when so many people seem to be proud of working long hours to make others rich like it’s some badge of honor."


Save it All

"Being wasteful about resources, especially food, water, and energy. In 30 years, those things will be even more scarce."


"Not necessarily disagreeing because idk, but the wording 'even more' doesn't make much sense here. Food water and energy are less scarce now than they've been in human history by a ridiculously large margin."


"Exactly. And unless there's an absolute catastrophe, the continuing development of technology will make it even less scarce."


It's my $$$!!

"ATM withdrawal fees."


"Agreed I think there is going to be a shift with all the little extra fees, not just ATM. But all of those little extra service fees on things like delivery. I'm hoping for things to just be labeled as the exact cost across the board. like coffee is say $3 and everywhere you go coffee is going to be $3 enough with the math question everytime I try to exist please."



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"The way in which people consume connection based social media on a pathological and sometimes addictive level. Some day we'll look back on how crazy it was how kids and grown people alike became infatuated getting likes on mundane posts. Craving social approval like a commodity."



"Whatever inoffensive terms we have now for certain groups of people. They’ll be considered offensive labels thirty years from now. Just look back thirty years at terms we used then that we don’t use now."


Streamline Learning

"On a lighter note, those 4-5 useless projects given by schools for each subject that need craft supplies to be bought, need many hours of work, and are judged by the aesthetic/decoration rather than the content. After evaluating, they then get tossed out by the teacher in the next few months."

"Absolutely no respect for the time and effort spent on it. The same time could have been used for other actually useful tasks and enormous amount of wastes could have been prevented."


Well I don't know if this is all good or all bad for the future.

What predictions do you have? Let us know in the comments below.

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