People Break Down The Everyday Things That Piss Them Off
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As many of us tout being easygoing and never sweating the small stuff in life, that may not be entirely true.

We all have that one thing that irks us to the core, and no matter how hard we try and keep a laid-back facade, our patience eventually runs thin to reveal we are not perfect.

Curious to hear about people's vulnerabilities, Redditor Gauravboi22 asked:
"What is an everyday thing that pisses you off the most?"

It's rare that anyone regularly gets a good night's sleep these days.

Rise And Shine

"Waking up when you don't want to."

– nutzup

"Related: waking up about 5 minutes before your alarm. You can't really go back to sleep, but you want that 5 minutes of sleep, you know?"

– thephantomofleroux


"Not being able to sleep when I go to bed. I am tired, just let me fall asleep!"

– MissNatdah

Living in the 21st century poses many challenges.

Sonic Assualt

"People not using headphones on public transport /in public. I DON'T WANT TO LISTEN to your video calls and bullsh*t videos on social media."

– jolfi11

No Escape

"The fact that I pay extra for no ads on streaming services. Then they show their own ad before every show or movie."

– fluffytomatoes660

"Just Send An Email"

"Web forms/people, wanting my phone number."

"I'm deaf my hearing aids don't work with phones as I'm profoundly deaf and using the highest setting there is, is still not enough for speech through a phone."

"But no where gets it, if its a person they argue back that they will leave a text."

"but I know from vast experience they won't, they will pass the form/request on and the person who deals with it will just look for the phone number, ring it and then drop it after no reply, or worse they will leave a voice mail and we're back to square one."

"I had an 18 month fight with my local doctors surgery over this and finally...finally, they relented and agree to email contact, only for the first time I tried to book an appointment via email it fell apart because reception kept trying to ring me."

"They didn't notice the note on my records saying email contact was allowed."

"Its exhausting and weird how ridiculous it gets, send an email, Nooo you can take your phone and knock on a neighbours door and ask them to listen to your voice mail can't you? thats reasonable."

"Then some program features a deaf contestant and suddenly everyones like, I wanna learn sign language its so amazing, deaf people must feel so isolated so i wanna like talk to them."

"Just send an email."

"Update- Thank you all so much for the votes and support, it was totally unexpected and its so encouraging to know I'm not alone in not wanting phone calls and that you understand where I'm coming from. it is deeply appreciated."

"2nd edit- reading through the comments I thought it would be easier if i just adress some of the suggestions here."

"I'm in the uk, we have equality of access laws that say all organisations/services must offer ways to contact them for people with disability."

"That means mostly they offer a text relay service and a separate number to call through on."

"Great, but, in practise for many organisations the sheer volume of incoming calls means you can take days trying to get through, thats booking the text relay, and then re booking ect, its not really do-able."

"Then there is the constant vigilance against email fraud, a note on a file saying Email only! has people asking why? persons deaf, really, but how do I know they are deaf? is this a fraud, is this suspicious, play safe and ring em. no reply, okay well we tried, move on to next person."

"Its the lack of familiarity that is the biggest flaw, a text relay call takes ages, theres a long pause whilst the typings going on then a pause whilst the reply is formulated, It takes too long for people who are often under target times to get through a phone call, people get tense, irritable, omit vital info, when giving replies, and underneath it all is the question, is this legit? am i going to get called in to the managers office and told I was stupid to believe this person could not get someone else to make a verbal call for them."

"I don't always want other people to make calls for me, I have private stuff going on, as willing as everybody is, some things are between me and them, not me,you and them."

"All I can do as a deaf person is try to meet people half way, I can understand why Email only requests seem as 'bit unusual' I get that its not quite in line with the norm, but its way easier on both of us, and it keeps a written record of whats going on."

"Sorry its a big old wall of text here, its so nice though to be able to vent a little, and Thanks for all the interest, comments and suggestions, definitely going to be looking in to some stuff."

"Lovely to meet other Deaf/HOH folk here too."

– Elleguarde

While driving can be a liberating experience subway commuters miss out on, it doesn't mean every commute is a smooth ride.

Road Rage

"There's a guy who cuts me off everyday on my way to work."

"We must leave at the exact same time or something because everyday he pulls up to a stop sign with plenty of time to pull out, sits there, waits for me to get to the intersection, and then pulls out so I have to slam on my brakes."

"Burgundy SUV, I swear to god one of these days I'm going to buy a shit car, deck it out with safety features, and just T-bone you."

– JustSomeDogOnStilts

Lack Of Common Courtesy

"People who drive without using their blinkers."

– Bigstar976

"Even better when they are breaking hard and literally right before they take their turn, put on their blinker."

"As if you didn’t already figure out they were turning?"

– Stay-Thirsty

A Time And Place

"People playing with their phones while driving. Driving is dangerous as it is, why the hell add to that? So dumb."

– 1980pzx

Scene From A Parking Lot

"People shoving their shopping carriages into empty parking spaces instead of putting them where they belong."

– Plantayne

Some people just don't understand the etiquette of proper conversation.

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If a person in a group doesn't feel like they're included in a discussion, it's time to move on to another topic...or another group.

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