People Break Down Which Things They Can't Believe Still Exist In 2022
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With all of the advancements in every field over the century, how are some things still so behind?

Shouldn't we be in flying cars?

Why are we still fuel-dependent?

Who in the world is STILL listening to Justin Bieber?!

Redditor joyce_kap wanted to discuss the things we can't shake, even in this modern day. They asked:

"What can't you believe still exists in 2022?"

Somethings still make us feel like the stone ages. As far as we've come, is as far as we still have to go.

Sealed. Delivered.

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"Cereal bags that aren't re-sealable."


"Bacon would also like to join this conversation."


Hang Up

"Scam calls. Please make them stop."


"My job requires my coworkers calling ahead when they're 5 minutes away from the customer's house, and like 50% of people just don't pick up because of scam calls. The worker often has to call back into the office and have a call made from the landline that shows our business, even though we prep customers that they'll get a call from a local cellphone around X time."


Music Hell

"Ticketmaster. How in the living hell have they not had a decent competitor that charges lower rates yet?"


"Ticketmaster pressures artists to avoid venues that don't use Ticketmaster to starve out venues that try to go around them."


"John Oliver did a bit on this a few weeks ago. Long story short, TM forces the venues to use them, contractually (among other shady practices). Very hard for a well-meaning competitor to break in."


"mark as read"

"Email attachment file size limits."


"Back in the early days on dial up Compuserve, a girl sent me an email attachment of an .avi of the dancing baby, uncompressed. It was over 110MB."

"The email program wouldn't let you 'mark as read' until it finished downloading the message and attachments (this is like 1994). It took my entire month's allotment of internet hours to download the freaking thing. My point is that size limits help prevent stupidity, like Agnes in accounting accidentally emailing you their entire financial database."


Bad Pop

Comedy Central Advertising GIF by South Park Giphy

"Pop up adds. Like who still falls for that?"


I hate you Ticketmaster! Why are they still a thing? ARGHH!

Live Forever

jimmy fallon celebs GIF Giphy

"Keith Richards."


"We need to start really thinking about what kind of world we want to leave behind for Keith Richards."



"McAfee 'antivirus.' That crap is malware, and has been malware for years...yet it comes preinstalled on almost every PC."


"It offers little to no protection over Windows built-in security, while having a very very noticeable performance hit to everything. Plus, they increasingly use shady tactics to force their way in as bloatware and scare people into keeping it. Not as bad as Norton, though. McAfee is a giant waste, but Norton is horrific. McAfee had a place back when windows defender was weak, but Norton was never good."


A what machine?

"Fax machines."


"I had to fax something recently for my son's surgery (Ontario, Canada). I couldn't mail it or email it, it had to be faxed. I don't own a fax machine or know anyone who does. I had to go to Staples and use an ancient fax machine there."


"At my workplace we still fax a good amount of stuff. It's 'more secure' than email in that is passes through less stuff because it's point-to-point, and not being stored/saved/copied by email providers, servers, anti-virus, or firewalls."



"1040 forms. They know what I earned. A lot of people are not aware that the US tax code is the most byzantine and intentionally convoluted of all industrial nations. It doesn’t have to be this way."


"That’s because of Intuit’s (TurboTax) and H&R Block’s millions of dollars in congressional bribes - oops I mean Citizens United “ money is protected speech” bullcrap."


"Just think of all the people it would put out of work if we could do our own taxes??? People who provide no material value to anything. But paying to do your taxes creates more tax revenue!"


The Cult

crazy tom cruise GIF Giphy

"Scientology is still a tax free 'religion' and people are still involved in cults. Even Tom Cruise is kinda distant from it now. Its pretty bad. It could be crushed now if there was a will."


Let's hope 2023 makes some of these obsolete.

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