People Explain Which Things They Will Never F**k With

There are just some things in life that people need to respect and steer clear from.

So that makes being careful not a weakness but a strength.

If we pay attention, we'll know what things are not meant to be messed with.

Fire burns. It's intoxicating to try to dance with it, but really we should just stick with the smoke.

Redditor Halloween-365 wanted to discuss the things in life that we all need to stay far away from, so they asked:

"What don't you f**k with?"

I don't mess with most things.

Just one more dollar...

"I worked in a casino once so gambling. I've seen people over time ruin their life."


"My husband works with bankrupt people helping them get their lives back together, and the most common reason he sees for bankruptcy is gambling addiction. It's a sunk cost fallacy - people buy a lottery ticket every week, which is totally socially acceptable, and then it's two tickets, then five tickets and a few scratch cards, and the more they lose, the more they spend in an effort to get their money back."

"They get to the point where they haven't got enough money for gas, so they borrow money- not to spend on gas, which would help their immediate problem, but to spend on their bingo app so they can win thousands and fix all of their problems in one go."


A Bad Flow



"Electricity doesn't care about you. It just wants to kill you."


"I mean, it's really worse than that. It just cares about getting from point a to point b, if you happen to be obliterated by being a part of that path, that's a you problem, not an electricity problem. Electricity couldn't care less. Electricity is physics answer to honey badgers."


The Monster

"Water. Was trained in Swift Water Rescue when I was younger. Water doesn't care who you are. It's stronger than you."


"I live in Chicago and I call Lake Michigan our beautiful monster. She takes a couple dozen lives every year. 3 or 4 times a year someone walking along shore in the city slips or stumbles in and drowns."

"There are a lot of places where it's a stone retaining wall with no easy way to get out of the water...cold water will take a good swimmer too, you only have a few minutes to get out if you survive the initial shock and good luck finding the nearest ladder in the dark. Be careful out there!"


Stay Away

No Way Beer GIF by BuschGiphy

"Heroin. Especially since the growing popularity of stepping on it with Fentanyl."


"I've lost at least seven friends to heroin overdose in the last eighteen years."


Heroin is an evil beast.

Bad Odds

Fart Prancing GIFGiphy

"Gambling a fart when you have a stomach bug."


"I lost this gamble at work one morning. Nothing says freedom like going commando all day in a woollen suit."


Show Some Respect

"People who make my food. And janitors."


"I have a general rule of thumb; don't f**k with janitors, servers, or secretaries. These people have the keys to every door and will make your life a living hell if you treat them badly. If you are kind and show them the respect they deserve, not only as human beings but also for doing some absolutely vital jobs, they can open up a lot of doors for you."

"And let's be realistic here, most of us are a helluva lot closer in social status to them than to the CEOs we are told we should worship."


Life Basic

"Monkeys. No specific reason it just seems wise to adopt a 'no monkey policy' in life. I’m not so enamored with the species that I would need to risk being bit, face torn off or transmitted some exotic fatal disease. You might say 'well this Species would never do that' or 'that species isn’t disease' carrying or whatnot i just don’t have the time or energy to discern what’s what so many think it’s best to stay away all together."


Full Stop

"As a surgeon, never f**k with the pancreas."


"As someone who has endured a continuous acute pancreatitis attack for 2 months straight... this tracks. Nothing offered even the slightest bit of relief, and even when I finally managed to pass out from pure exhaustion I felt the exact same level of pain in my damn dreams!"

"I straight up would rather just die than go through that again... full stop."


Hire People

the adventures of pete and pete season number GIFGiphy

"Don't try to fix your own garage door. It can take your arm off if you don't know what you're doing... actually, it can take your arm off even if you do know what you're doing."


I hope we all complied a survivor's list here.

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