What to believe? Life is so much like a cartoon or an Onion article these days, who knows where the truth lies? As long as I can remember I've read about conspiracy theories and dark underground tales. Area 51, the Illuminati, a second government pulling the strings, two Melania's... the list is endless. We basically live in an "X-Files" episode.

But if we're honest, there are a few of these "ideas" that even the sanest of us will follow.

Redditor u/illuminatedbabe wanted to compare notes on what truths we're all certain of, by asking:

What's a 'conspiracy' you truly believe?

I'm not sure about aliens, but I do believe in ghosts, I think. Does that count? Is there such a thing a paranormal conspiracy? Hmmm...

Little Piggy

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"The bacon hype that came about around the time Epic Meal Time started on YouTube was a marketing campaign by the pork industry."

- lorn23


"Big oil and plastics created the recycling campaign so people could still feel good about buying disposable plastic products. In reality, the majority of plastic cannot be recycled. Further, recycling isn't cost effective in the slightest. China was burying our recycling for years."

- Turbulent-Apple1687

"This is sorta true if you look at the entire funding for the personal responsibility campaign it was by BP oil to shift blame into the consumer."

- DMsDiablo

wasting ink...

"That the "printer alignment" page your printer makes you print when you install a new ink cartridge or plug in your printer or any other basic printer action is complete made up nonsense that makes you think your printer is doing important printer maintenance while needlessly wasting ink."

- wxmanify

A.I. Issues

"I think the trend where you show a picture of yourself now versus 10 years ago was promoted if not invented by Facebook owned social media companies in order to train artificial intelligence to be able to recognize and analyze how faces age."

- Blametruth86

"This is true for pretty much anything on social media. All those quizzes, post if you believe, whatever random meme just lets them collect data for A.I. modeling or more nefarious purposes. Never do the "your pornstar name is your mother's maiden name plus the last six of your social security number" posts. I seriously underestimated the number of penises and 69s my inbox was gonna receive."

- hanerd825


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"That most conspiracy theories are allowed to circulate by the powers that be and they let certain false info "leak" to add fuel to the fire so they can use these conspiracy theories as a distraction from their real agenda, part of keeping the "commoners" in a naive bubble. Conspiracy theories are the cover for the actual conspiracies."

- Leviathansplunge

Anytime I hear big oil, I know it's true. Cheery I know. But they know how to manipulate the world. It's all about the money...

Out There

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"Aliens are among us just not how we think they're supposed to look like. I mean we have an immortal jellyfish in our ocean that looks right out of a HP Lovecraft book."

- k-rdy


"That my navigation cares more about traffic flow than the best route for me personally."

- mrausgor

"I mean, to be fair, this can very often be "same picture" territory. If everyone's navigation tried to optimize for what's best for the driver, you'd easily get a situation that's worse for everyone... including you."

- xternal7

On the Floor

"Truly incompetent workers who get hired claiming 15+ years of experience but know nothing about their field are actually just people poorly placed by eyewitness protection. My nemesis who was our new industrial engineer who zip tied all the computer speakers to the floor made me think of this one XD Makes you wonder."

"Edit: lots of people concerned about the floor. Yes the floor had holes, it was a clean room. Iirc it was actually the cords truly zip toed to the floor, the speakers were zip tied to the tables' kick plates like 3 in above the floor."

- AllieRaccoon

Molten Salt Reactors...

"That nuclear technology and power was choked out by big oil and gas, and that fear of radiation was intentionally trumped up to incite public opposition to anything nuclear. A lot of folks seemed not to know that used nuclear fuel, often called waste, is recyclable"

"It can also be used directly as fuel for certain types of reactors that haven't seen a lot of research for political reasons, but for which several mature designs and several proofs of concept have been built (Molten Salt Reactors, if you want to research it)."

- jordana309

Big Brother

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"The government puts out really crazy conspiracies so the people that post about legitimate conspiracies come across as crazy and unbelievable."

- Badandy469

I'm not sure how much of this is actual information, but none is out of the realm of possibility. I don't know if that is an intriguing thought or terrifying. We'll find out.

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