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People Explain Which Conspiracy Theories They Genuinely Believe
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In this world, there are many things that don't have a rational explanation. Why is it we don't have any of the original footage from the moon landing? What happened to Amelia Earhart? How many of the things we believe to be true are really cover-ups?

Not having the answers to questions like these lead to conspiracy theories. I have always believed that the Bermuda Triangle sucks objects into other dimensions. Why else would there be so many disappearances in that area?

Some conspiracy theories are really crazy, but others are pretty plausible.

Curious about those theories, Redditor Meddling_Pickles asked:

"What conspiracy theory do you genuinely believe?"
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People Explain What Persuaded Them To Change A Long-Held Belief
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It's easy to be stuck where you are, to think of the world around you as an inconvenience where anything that doesn't quite match the values you have is wrong. After all, it doesn't agree with you, it must be wrong, right?

And then something happens. It could be a conversation, or maybe it's something you watched, or perhaps you just woke up one day and suddenly realized the thing you thought you knew was wrong.

And it's okay.

Learn from it.

Like these people.

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Truth is truth. Why is that so hard to believe?

Oh right , because we've all lived through the last six years of politics. Conspiracy is the new way of life for many.

Everyone is believing every little thing.

But eventually, for some, the "truths" they hold so dear, become a lie. And then the real truth lives.

People are starting to realize, they've been duped.

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People Shed Light On Conspiracy Theories That Actually Turned Out To Be True
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Sometimes suspicion can turn out to be true. And when the truth does out... Lord do the conspiracy theorists love to let loose.

Every tall tale and drama can sound like a fairytale on the peripheral, but every now and again we're proven that the strangest, weirdest people, we're giving us some facts.

Redditor forthemotherrussia wanted to discuss all the "what ifs'?" They asked:

What Conspiracy Theories turned out to be true but most people still don't know about them?
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People Confess Which Conspiracy Theories Made Them Think 'They Could Be On To Something!'
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Now believe me, I'm not a rush to judgment conspiracy person.

In fact, those people tend to drive me crazy. How do you live in a constant state of paranoia?

You really don't believe there is a set-up behind every intention or hidden meaning behind every press release? That's no way to live.

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