In society, the word sociopath is sometimes tossed out as an insult. Other times, it's used to describe a person in a non-malicious way but is used incorrectly.

What is a sociopath, really? Sociopaths are people who suffer from a personality disorder that leads to a lack of empathy and a conscience. These people are generally self-aware, and can mimic human emotions, but don't have any of their own.

A sociopath convention would be groups of people in which there are many sociopaths or groups of people that are entirely comprised of sociopaths.

Statistically, 1 in 25 people is a sociopath, meaning any large group could count as a sociopath convention. However, there are groups that are generally considered full of sociopaths.

Those groups were identified when Redditor GoGetEmTiger131 asked:

"What place might as well be a “sociopath convention?"

Beauty Queens

"A child pageant — the parents"

– festivusfinance

"Came here to say this exact thing, I'm so surprised this doesn't have more up votes."

– 100percenthatbitch

"I mean statistically some of those kids must be sociopaths too, right?"

– CmdrShepard831

You're The Top

"sociopaths surround themselves with less powerful people, in my experience. you might find them at the top of nearly any organization, though."

– andariel_axe

"Supposedly they make up the majority of CEOs"

– MaracaBalls


"I stayed at an airport hotel and the conference room was booked for "How to create a submissive Christian wife" or something like that. There was a low tooth-to-head ratio and a distinct lack of chins."

– voice_of_craisin

"I've read a lot of weird stuff, but this made my jaw drop a little."

– Skrp

We Voted Them In

"Any place where politicians gather."

– alwaysright9000

"US Senate"

– tinyorangealligator

"How is this so far down the list?"

"There probably isn't a larger gathering of sociopathic narcissists than a joint session of the US Congress."

– Beasagdeux

"I was gonna say the DNC and RNC."

– Bigdaddyjug77


"I knew this would be at the top but honestly I think there would be more sociopaths at social media influencer convention. That or “life coaches.”"

"I knew two diagnosed sociopaths at my high school. Both became life coaches. I get heavy Manson vibes from their content."

– bombayblue

That Manipulation

"When a group of MLM huns get together in any location on the planet."

– DoubleDeckerz

"Now let's talk about ways to manipulate family and friends to increase sales and even recruit your own worker bees!"

– Cacafuego

Reddit, Of Course!

"(looks around)"

– PoorPDOP86

"Damn roasted an entire platform"

– 1-von

The Whole State


– _kevx_91

"That place is so unbelievably vapid and just odd as hell. It makes Vegas seem reasonable"

– appleparkfive

"I was just gonna say Florida."

– moinatx

"Florida. All of it."

– sandrajumper

Become An Alpha

"We had a local "Alpha Con" here recently. I swear the promo poster was the biggest group of tools I've ever seen.

Edit : turns out it wasn't local. I am even more disgusted. Clearly I didn't do a lot of research into it."

– JayDub506

"Literally any gathering of men where the word “Alpha” is used unironically at any point."

– cryptcreatures

Very Scary

"Primary school / early years teaching or nursing. Some of the nicest people, but every sociopathic / narcissistic woman I've has the misfortune to meet has been one of the two. Careers where someone can have a large amount of power over vulnerable people, where they will generally be believed without question. Lower barrier to entry than other careers with similar amounts of power e.g. CEO."

– worldslastusername

Yeah, I Can See It

"Sports conventions. Anyone who enjoys watching sports is a sadist and anyone who enjoys playing sports is a masochist."

"-Your local lazy person."

– CocaColaStan


"bitcoin/cypto conventions, which essentially are just techbro tupperware or avon parties to chill their little scams"

– No-Bewt

This Should Have Been Obvious

"mcdonalds play area , always smelling like feet"

– youmynega1

Doesn't This Go Without Saying?

"A place that might as well be a "sociopath convention" is any place where sociopaths congregate. This might include places like prisons, mental institutions, or seedy nightclubs."

– MrShitterz

Social Media, Of Course


"Idk Reddit?"

– KxNGsReddit

"Let me enter in one.. Enters this thread"

– Winter2712


"Gun conventions either they really into hunting and guns or they are just insane"

– MelodicTaro9712

"Gun show."

– SimonArgent

Welcome To Hollywood

"I've read a long way down the list and still haven't seen "Hollywood" mentioned..... or maybe I should say "the entertainment industry"".

"They're especially unique because they will actually support causes to create a public image of themselves which isn't genuine."

– PD216ohio

No More Shopping On A Sunday

"Grocery stores on a Sunday afternoon"

– bearsrbig

Their Reputation Precedes Them

"Any kind of car salesman convention. I spent a very short time as a car salesman...let me tell you, most of them deserve the reputation they have. I've never been around so many people that were almost exactly the same."

– Sasselhoff

Learning Who You Are


"That’s, it just school."

– Mythic_7

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