People Share Their Funniest 'I'm Embarrassed To Even Know You' Experiences
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We'd like to think that we're a good judge of character evidenced by the good friendships we all have.

But when a friend or even a family member does or says something that proves us wrong about our opinion of them, it can make us embarrassed just knowing them.

Curious to hear examples of when people were way off about someone they thought they knew, Redditor AlyksTheSage asked:

"What's something a friend or family member said/did that made you think 'I'm embarrassed that I even know you?'"

These former friends put on quite a display at food establishments.

Having A Conniption Fit

"An ex-friend threw a temper tantrum in a Jack-in-the-Box because the cashier got her order wrong. Talking stamping her feet, gesturing with her arms, pouting, temper tantrum."

"She was 23 at the time."

"We are no longer friends."

– Eezez

Meltdown At Chipotle

"Last week my fiancee's coworker decided to 'skip the line' by ordering grubhub from the line. This was a Chipotle."

"She ordered maybe 7/8 people back, and then proceeded to stay in the line with all of us saying 'i'm just picking up' to everyone who asked what she wanted and would have made it in front of her."

"When she got to the cashier and gave her the info, the cashier was like 'oh ok, well, it will be ready in ten minutes' because f'king obviously."

"She flipped out. Like absolutely lost her sh*t, called everyone names, did the absolute 'dependapotomous' (spelling, I'm not military, sorry) thing where she started shouting about how she was a military spouse and 'when she orders, you make the f'king food'."

"She proceeded to break the phone out, start filming, and continue screaming at people for disrespecting a veteran that way. Again, I am f'king shocked I haven't seen this online yet."

"So how things round out, is they finish her order and the manager brings it to her, thanks her for her husband's service, and tells her she needs to leave and he'd appreciate it if she never came back."

"Her response was 'I don't like your f'king wetback food anyway.'"

"I had driven my fiancee and this woman to this chipotle, and I had to drive this total douche canoe home from this Chipotle."

"It was total silence other than her texting furiously, and occasionally huffing and puffing, until we got about a block from her house and I didn't feel like making a difficult left and told her to just get the f'k out of my car."

"Easily the stupidest, worst person I've had to engage with to that degree since High School. Like, f'k politics: Who raised you?"

– iph0ne

Racist Coworker

"When I went for sushi with some coworkers and the one dude I convinced to come because I thought he was cool just asked for french fries and sat there and pouted because he didn't want to eat 'all this gay jap food' quote."

"Why the f'k did he come then? never been so disappointed in someone. dinner with coworkers is always risky. made the entire thing awkward as f'k."

– grass-snake-40

Some Redditors wished they were not related to these family members.

The Last Straw

"I have an uncle that’s loud, willfully ignorant, and has used temper tantrums and unpleasant behavior to get his way his whole life. He’s like the villain in a bad teen novel."

"The last straw for me was when my grandparents passed away. He tried to steal everything from his siblings. When my mother stood up to him he threatened to kill her."

"I’d really like to believe there was a mixup at the hospital when he was born and that we aren’t really related."

– Fromanderson

Out Of Line Questioning

"My aunt asked someone 'aren't you too old to be pregnant?' The lady was in her 40's and NOT pregnant."

– Pastafarian_Pirate

Bad Bar Behavior

"A family member got banned from a local pub for spitting peanuts at someone with an allergy..... like just why, just no."

– soydinosaur

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Mom's A Racist

"My mom and I were debating racism and I told her that she's racist. Her response:"

"I'm not racist, I just think all black people should go back to Africa."

– KeepYourDemonsIn

"Have an aunt that I’m embarrassed to share blood with (dad’s sister). She’s an LVN and last year she faked 'being deployed' to Afghanistan to help with the Covid relief. She’d post pics on Facebook (she’s addicted to social media and photoshop) from other old news articles claiming she was in them and would brag to the whole family that she got to go on missions because she was the only one 'skinny enough' to fit in the helicopter."

"She was gone on this alleged deployment for 2 weeks before coming back but turns out she was somewhere at a hotel cheating on her husband again. She went to Mexico with a cousin of mine to get gastric bypass (no judgment there) but denies she got surgery and claims it just her amazing will power that caused her weight loss (she wasn’t overweight to begin with)."

"The cousin she went with was open about it and we were all concerned because she got really sick from it for a while. She was hospitalized for it and even when she got out, she denied getting it (which we couldn’t care less but it was still pretty bizarre)."

"She’s also faked cancer multiple times,and is currently harassing a now ex-wife of a man (both were family friends) she was caught cheating on with and sending her multiple threats on different burner phones claiming to be different brothers and sisters of my dad to make her feel unwelcome and ganged up on."

"Turns out, my aunt just didn’t want her near our family because she concerned about what all she knows and if she’ll tell us."

– Ally-2016

Some people's delusions are so wild, it's embarrassing to know them.

History Denier

"A friend that argued that Pompeii wasn´t real and the remains that they found were just props."

"They said it was staged so people will get away from God because if they thought people died like that they would think God was evil."

– No-Cupcake888

Eating Denier

"Roommate walked into the room and told me my food looked good."

"I didn't have any food."

"It was his food that he had been eating before he left the room for less than 10 minutes. I told him that, and he didn't believe me."

– Leelluu

The Forecast Got Ugly

"My brother tried to argue that the weather is racist because it snows more where White people live."

– lllSnowmanlll

Fake Holocaust

"My sister is convinced the Holocaust is a hoax and that people weren’t actually murdered in gas chambers."

– Hardnipples0

Celestial Hoax

"My ex boyfriend said that the sun and moon are government projections and he was extremely upset when I told him that he’s crazy."

"He said I was ignorant lol. Pretty wild conclusions."

– lurkingherkin69

I'm proud to say, I'm a pretty good judge of character and I surround myself with good people.

I can't imagine being embarrassed knowing anyone since many of my friends–in spite of minor character flaws–all have redemptive values that far outweigh their shortcomings.

As to what they may think of me, well, I know I've embarrassed my friends and family on many occasions.

Thankfully, they've all decided to keep me around.

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