People Break Down Who They Have A Completely Irrational Hatred For

Hard as we might try, not everyone is meant to be friends with one another.

Sometimes, people have just basic compatibility issues that prevent them from ever becoming particularly close.

Which doesn't mean they necessarily dislike each other... most of the time.

In some cases, people find others so resistible that the word "hate" comes swiftly to mind.

When asked why people hate certain individuals or types of people, however, they find themselves at a loss for words as to why.

Likely owing to the fact that they don't have a single justifiable reason.

Redditor Pachuko_Cadaver was curious to hear the people or types of people, real or fictitious, that simply can't stand, leading them to ask:
"Who do you irrationally hate for no good reason?"


"Nobody. I have good reasons for everyone I irrationally hate."- PrudentOwlet

You Meet All Kinds...

"People at the airport."- slapmewithabrick

Might Pose A Problem In The Office

"Sandra from HR."- Waste_Drop8898

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There Were Literally Two Possible Answers!

"People that make an easy yes or no answer into a long conversation."- Gods-little-mistake

Driving Too Slowly Is Also Dangerous...

"People who walk or drive slightly slower than my preferred speed."

"Especially if they cut me off first."- Dragon_wryter

All Those Years In Bed, He Could Have Been Working...

"Grandpa Joe."

"I hate him."

"And not just because he went to the chocolate factory."

"He was an a**hole from the beginning to the literal end of that movie."

"Every chance he had not to be a d*ck, he was a d*ck."

"Smoking while your family eats cabbage water?"

"Complaining about cabbage water?"

"A kid falls into a river of chocolate or turns into a blueberry?"

"F*ck that get 'we getting all that chocolate.'"

"Got caught for stealing, and his solution is to go to Slugsworth."

"I mean everything this dude did was so f*cking selfish."

"I have been ranting about this for 20 years and can through the movie point by point."

"All the f*cking around he did and this dude NEVER found out."

"Nah he just got to live on a chocolate factory, still smoking and still rent free."

"I hate him with a burning, fiery passion."- Strange-Courage-8602

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Is That The Only Speed They Come In?

"People who talk really really slowly."

"No idea why but it SCRATCHES MY BRAIN to the core when someone talks slowly or takes FOREVER to get to the point of their story."

"Need a fkn fast forward button."- Kittypie01

They're Probably No Better At Wordle

"Wheel of Fortune contestants who buy the last vowel 'I’ll go ahead and buy the A'."

"Why, you dummy?"- firematika

Sidewalks Are A Shared Space

"Slow walkers or group walkers, like move you fkn idiot."

"Ppl have places to be."- Heretoconfirmrumors

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Not A Word

"Those who say 'irregardless'."- TaxidermiedToddler

Either No Self Worth, Or Way Too Full Of Themselves

"Nearly everyone on any of these shows."

"Married at first sight."

"Love Island."

"Big Brother."

"Bachelor / Batchelorette."

"Nearly everyone called an 'influencer'."- Loose_Sun_169

Old Grudges Die Hard...

"It started a long time ago, but that doesn't matter."

"Just thinking about him still pisses me off."

"Dan from 8th grade."

"Maybe it was just his hair, or that stupid look on his face."

"I don't think we ever said one word to each other."

"Doesn't really matter."

"FU, Dan! "

"I hope your cats attack you and your dogs are all incontinent."

"I hope geese angrily flock to your every approach."

"I hope your wife likes spicier food than your soft weak midwestern palate can comfortably tolerate."

"I hope you get a mild case of food poisoning every time you travel so that you become subconsciously averse to the idea of traveling beyond whatever sad little town you call home."- PeteyMcPetey

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