English Teacher Caps Off Each School Year By Having Students Roast Her Class With Amazing Memes

When you were a kid, what made you look forward to the end of the school year?

All the end-of-year parties and movies during class?

The promise of summer?

No schoolwork for two to three months?

How about the chance to roast your teacher with dank memes?

Angelina Murphy is a high school English teacher. Like many teachers in this day and age, she is active on social media, sharing her teaching games, classroom ideas, and an Amazon Wishlist to add new books to her classroom.

However, she recently went viral for her end of the year tradition.





The cool teach gives her students the chance to submit memes about the year, or her class specifically. She compiles them into a slideshow and presents them back to her students.

As she mentions, many of the students use the opportunity to roast their teacher for her fun quirks and personality, but she's cool with it.

The memes get really creative, and even if a few end up being inside jokes, you can tell the kids love it.





Memes of the past few years are well represented, like the "And I Oop" meme, and screenshost from the shows Get Out, Spongebob and The Office.

Ms. Murphy tried to close out the long list of memes by thanking people for following along, but it seems it never ends. People keep engaging with the thread and asking for more, so Murphy is only too happy to oblige.





She was also very active over the weekend, answering people's questions about some of the specifics mentioned in the memes.

Her weekly schedule includes a quick grammar exercise on Monday, literary notes on Tuesday, vocabulary on Wednesday, and a free writing journal response on Thursday.

She also uses popsicle sticks with the kids' name to pick a presenter when the kids are reluctant to volunteer.

It's pretty great to see!

Teachers often share their own habits and tools online through social media. Earlier this year, a teacher's "Check-in" board to help students express their mental health went viral.

It was lauded for engaging students to consider their emotions and take care of their own mental health, as well as share their feelings with someone who shares a good portion of their day.

Ms. Murphy is currently on a social media break as she preps for her last week of the school year, but I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you shared your appreciation for her end of the year tradition.

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