Schools are already broken enough.

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Shouldn't we be pruning the unhelpful parts of education to make our children's lives better?

An unknown user probed this question with Reddit: What should stop being taught to younger people?

So we heard what we need to do:

It Doesn't Go Away

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That they should "just ignore" the bullies.

They're Not

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That adults are 'always' right


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We are not all amazing at something - some of us are downright average. We need to stop to stop teaching that being average is a bad thing.

Myth Of Partnership

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That there is something wrong with being alone. Like somehow being alone means you aren't a person worth being with.

Don't Condone

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Specifically young girls should stop being taught that when boys are mean to you, it means they actually like you. that mindset could be very detrimental to them in the future

Non Adulting

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That everything your "elders" say is true and to be respected.

It Ain't Nothing

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That college is an automatic path to wealth and stability.

Who To Trust

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Not to talk to strangers. Rather, we need to teach them how to differentiate between proper communication and inappropriate conversation. I want my children to be able to approach an authority figure in a shopping mall if he is lost. Yes, some strangers should be avoided but they need to know to generally trust teachers, police officers, security guards etc. Also, if something is going wrong. I was my son to know to yell and tell anyone and everyone!! Granted, nothing can take the place of a well held hand and a watchful eye, but kids these days need to be a bit more independent and learn to speak for themselves.

What Is A Brain

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As someone who teaches vocational subjects to high schoolers who earn a trade and work part-time while completing Year 11 and 12, I see so many younger students become completely disenchanted by school because they're not "academic". They get poor grades for years, feel dumb, become marginalised, get told they won't amount to anything, and many end up dropping out. All because they don't fit in that one-size box of "study-college-job". If we taught them early on that not all talent, intelligence and job opportunities come in the form of studying and going to college, I bet a lot more students would stay in school and challenge themselves to play to their strengths.

Most of the so-called "dumb" kids I've taught are tradies now, debt-free and buying a house before they hit 22!

Toxic Masc

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Specifically to young boys, that their manliness is defined by how many chicks they've f-__ed and how hot they were, and the worst thing you can be is a virgin. I mean obviously that's not taught in schools but one way or another that attitude perpetuates itself.


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The DARE program really needs to end or be completely revamped. Trying to scare kids off pot by suggesting, even stating, it's just as bad as meth or heroin is not only disingenuous but will make the kids question if the hard drugs are really as bad as they were told since pot obviously isn't.


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Abstinence only sexual education. Reasons: it's not reality. Plain and simple.

We should be teaching children how to be safe. How to use protection. Etc.

Owning Up

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I dont know how this is "taught" but no one takes responsibility for their actions. Im still in highschool but i notice this in classmates.

i guess blaming someone or something is easier then just accepting you are the reason you failed or got in trouble.


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Not really a subject but homework. I'm currently in high school and trust me, 4 hours of homework a night is not worth it. Hell, there are studies that in elementary school it doesn't help at all, in middle school you get deminishing returns after 1 hour of homework a night and after 2 hours in high school. On top of all that, I need to get to sleep at a reasonable time of the night if you expect me to have to get up by 6 to get to school on time.

No Clean Plate Club

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To finish their plates. It enforces bad eating habits. Stop when you're no longer hungry.


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That you can be whatever you want and that you are entitled to do so

Sometimes you have to do what is practical and useful, at least for a day job

Sharing Is Not Caring

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At least not how most people teach it. You shouldn't force kids to share. Gestures of kindness should not be imposed, otherwise they are no longer gestures of kindness. It teaches both children that if they cry/beg loud enough, they can get whatever they want. It also adds insecurity to the child who is forced to share his possession(s).

There are better ways of teaching generosity. And often those methods start with instilling in the child the idea that other people are people with their own thoughts, needs and lives.


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Blind allegiance/patriotism toward a country or belief system without questioning.

Active Aggressive

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Passiveness. The whole sit still be quiet, and learn to put your emotions away has really screwed me up. I didn't learn to actively have arguments where I stand up for my self. So now struggling to learn assertiveness and not just get walked on sucks. Because if you make other people upset it's bad on you. If they make me upset its bad on me. In the end i put up with a lot more shit than i can and than i should be expected to. And putting a foot down is a struggle even when it needs to happen