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This Video Of A Dunkin' Donuts Employee Dancing With An Autistic Customer Is the Sweetest Thing

The Feels

Bryan Lara was working at his Dunkin' Donuts on Staten Island.

Like any ordinary day, he approached one of his customers.

However, the following interaction was extraordinary. The customer that Lara approached was Donald Simon.

Simon has autism and is nonverbal. He was with his aid when they visited the coffee and donut shop.

When Lara approached Simon, the aid informed Lara that Simon does not speak.

Unfazed by the communication challenge, Bryan started dancing to Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" which was playing in the background.

Donald began to dance along with Bryan and the pair exchanged thumbs ups and high fives.

Donna Maxon, Donald's mother, shared the video to her Instagram and also shared the joy that the interaction brought her and her son.

"Most people would not pay attention to Donald as soon as they realize he is unable to communicate, but Bryan figured out a way to communicate without words and it is very touching to me that he made my son so happy."

Lara also shared his thoughts in the incident.

"I am always dancing, and when I saw Donald smile, it was a great feeling. I love my customers."

Maxon later posted a picture of her son with the dancing donut dealer.

People are in love with this wholesome and joy-filled story.

@midlerontheroof (Instagram)

@midlerontheroof (Instagram)

@midlerontheroof (Instagram)

@midlerontheroof (Instagram)

@midlerontheroof (Instagram)

@midlerontheroof (Instagram)

Guess I know where I'm getting my coffee tomorrow.

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