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A Chronically Late Train Station Blames Dunkin' Donuts And Passengers Are Pissed
Dunkin' Donuts, @TheLincoln/Twitter

We've heard some pretty lame excuses before but the latest from New Jersey Transit takes the cake, or in this case the donut.

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This Video Of A Dunkin' Donuts Employee Dancing With An Autistic Customer Is the Sweetest Thing
@midlerontheroof (Instagram)

Bryan Lara was working at his Dunkin' Donuts on Staten Island.

Like any ordinary day, he approached one of his customers.

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Junk Food Junkies, we have been blessed with insider info! If you've never worked in fast food it's easy to assume everything on the menu is about the same quality. Apparently, that's not the case. One Reddit user asked:

People who work in fast food: what is one item from your menu you would never order?

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