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They say knowledge is power, and the more you know, the better off you are.

But to what extent is that much true if the nuggets of information you just acquired are things that gave you nightmares?

For me, the knowledge that we all have spiders crawling around our faces keeps me up at night. Yes, we all have face mites.

I cannot go on with the rest of my life being aware of the phenomena without sharing this with you all lovely readers. So, you're welcome.

Curious to hear about other dreadful information from strangers, Redditor jo_exotic asked:

"What is a disturbing fact you wish you could un-learn?"

Natural Phenomenon

Let's face it, organisms are downright creepy...or gross

Constant Nibbling

"There's a type of crayfish that farms sea stars by cutting all their water legs off and eating it's arms all the way to the center, but leaving the center intact. it then feeds the sea star with kelp to keep it alive so it regenerates, and then repeats the process."


When Comes A Parasite

"In most cases when a parasite gets into the brain, they don't remove it. They just kill it with some sort of acid or something with a similar effect, then just let the body calcify it. It's weird cause you'd think that the parasite could still do something."


Mouth To Toilet Paper

"If you have an intestinal blockage you can burp up farts and have fecal vomit which is basically just throwing up your poop."


In Your Blood

"My biology teacher had a Q&A session before Christmas and one student asked if its possible to be allergic to your own blood. Unfortunately you can. Just imagine your own immune system destroying your red blood cells, constant hemorrhaging, constantly feeling cold and out of breath. When we got back from winter break we saw a new face in class, a former student of my bio teacher who just so happened to have this disease and we spent the whole class asking questions. I feel so bad for the guy but thankfully the medicine available to suppress the immune system has made his life bearable."


Horrific Facts

The following are more disturbing than fiction.

Cause Of Death

"When the Challenger exploded in 1986, the astronauts didn't die from the explosion. Nor did they die from depressurisation as NASA has initially claimed. (There is some evidence they turned on their personal oxygen supply.) They died from impact when they hit the surface of the Atlantic Ocean."

"They were in free fall for two and a half minutes."


"Jeffrey Dahmer drilled a hole into some victims' skulls and tried pouring different toxic liquids into the hole. He was trying to make a sex slave that could eat and drink but could in no way fight back or escape. The worst fact is that victims might survive the first hole with all brain function intact and live long enough to be fully aware they were going to get a second or third hole drilled."



If you could get inside the mind of an animal, you might want to make an immediate about-face after discovering the following:

Deep Bond

"Parrots often bond with a keeper, from their perspective, as a lifelong romantic partner. If the person dies, or the parrot is displaced, they can go into massive depression and pluck out their own feathers."


Pecked To Death

"I learned on Reddit that a woodpecker will tap enough to break into a baby bird's skull and slurp up their brains."


Shriek Of Terror

"The fact that dogs like squeaky toys because it sounds like their prey crying out in pain."


Most of us have a thirst for knowledge out of genuine curiosity about how things work or why certain events occurred in history.

But Google searches will inevitably lead you down the proverbial rabbit hole where you uncover a lot more than you could ever bargain for.

This is exactly what happened to me when I looked up what might be the cause of my face itching. I may not have found the most accurate information about my ailment, but that was when I was introduced to the existence of Demodex or eyelash mites.

They're basically arachnids that spend most of the time burrowed in your hair follicles and come crawling out on the skin's surface while you're asleep at night to mate and head back to lay eggs.

Did you just feel something on the side of your nose? It's probably nothing.

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