Married People Share The One Thing They Have Completely Different Opinions About

They say opposites attract.

Though, in order for any couple to have good chemistry, they will likely have to see eye to eye on certain things.

Or, at the very least, be open to hearing their spouse's side of things in order to avoid constant arguments.

In all likelihood, though, even married couples who seem to have more in common than not will still disagree about something.

Possibly something small, like preferring the beach to the mountains for a vacation, or indeed something more fundamental, like religious or political beliefs.

A difference of opinion neither side is ever likely to change.

Redditor Worldly_Platform3586 was curious to hear the many things married men always have, and always will, disagree with their spouses about, leading them to ask:
"Married men of reddit, what is one thing you and your wife have completely different opinions about?

Or Blue and Black, or White and Gold?...

"Whether any given thing that we are looking at is green or blue."- ThingThatsJustBegun

Plans Of Attack

"How to spend our vacation."

"My wife is the kind to plan a whole itinerary of things to do while visiting a place."

"I, on the other hand, just want to sleep in, eat all the food that I can't eat at home, and actually relax."

"Don't get me wrong, I wanna sight see, visit touristy things, and buy souvenirs, but to have back-to-back planned events for the whole trip can be exhausting."

"Knowing these differences, however, we compromise."

"I know I can't stay at the hotel all day, and she knows that we can't go out every minute."

Check "So we plan events and plan for relaxation ."- TheQuantumRed

Everyone Needs Their Personal Space...

"What constitutes her half of the bed."- Joks_away·

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Relaxing For Some, Terrifying For Others...

"The idea that true crime documentaries are a great sleeping aid."

"For her maybe, but I'm the one lying awake getting freaked out by all the stories of people killing their partners for the life insurance payout."- Stu_Thom4s

There Is A Difference Between Dirty And Messy...

"The definition of 'clean'."- papasnork

Time Is Not To Be Wasted...


"My wife god bless her cant be on time for sh*t."- Real-Problem6805

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Not All Items Are Multi Purpose

"The bed."

"I think it’s a bed, and she thinks it’s a table to store all manner of things, buried and twisted under various blankets."

"Her: 'I can’t find the remote!'"

"Me: 'Have you checked the Sleeping Table?'"- Lil_MRSA

Multitasking Or Procrastinating?

"Closing the loop on practical jobs."

"I like to completely finish a single task before I start another, even if this is sometimes a bit inefficient."

"Mainly because I have a bad memory and will probably forget to finish it later."

"She likes to do about 20% of seven jobs and then gradually nudge each one towards completion over days or weeks."- stevedocherty

People Go To Great Lengths For Their Passions


"My wife is a successful woman and yet still lives paycheck to paycheck just so she can ride a horse."

"Baffling."- kudatimberline

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...I Think Some Explanation Is Needed...

"I just have to say dishwasher right?"

"No explanation necessary?"- LeadingAd5273

How To Spend Time In Front Of A Screen

"Video games."

"She hates them and thinks they do nothing but rot the brain, I grew up playing them and still do."

"On the flip side, she absolutely loves drama tv shows."

"I find them to be the most nauseating shows ever made."

"Therefore, when she watches her shows, I go play video games."

"It allows for neither of us to complain about the others favorite past time."- Bearded_Wonder0713

Humor Is Subjective

"The objective hilarity of my off the cuff jokes."- BobRoberts01

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The Great Outdoors Isn't For Everyone...

"I’m a woman, but my husband and I disagree on camping."

"I enjoy camping and I love how cheaply I can travel while camping."

"We took a 15 day vacation a couple of years ago where we stayed in state parks the whole time."

"Our TOTAL accommodations cost was $400."

"He hates it."

"He can’t do the constant dirt, trying to set up camp and cook in the rain, etc."

"He usually puts up with it for about a week each year to humor me and so we can do family vacations on our tight budget, but he is suuuuuper done by the end of that week."- etds3

Music To Some, Noise To Others...

"Rock music."

"She doesn't get it, whereas I grew up listening to it."- thecookietrain

Not Everyone Likes To Lend A Hand

"I like to contribute to group outings, if I’m asked to bring something I’m happy to and like to get a good things people will love. She hates being asked to bring things and will get the bare minimum if we don’t have anything in the cupboards."- Smirknlurking

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