People Describe The Most WTF Moment They've Ever Experienced At A Party
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We go to parties to unwind and have a good time. To relax. To let the worries and warts of the world slip away. The last thing we want to deal with at a party is someone setting themselves on fire or inadvertently stabbing you.

Unfortuantely, by the very nature of parties, things get a little crazier than we intend and that's when all you can say is "W.T.F?"

Reddit user, GuyWithAScuffedLife, wanted to know when the party took a turn for the weird when they asked:

"What's the most "WTF" moment you've ever had at a party?"

Not all craziness happens at adult parties. Even the most wholesome, child-friendly events can lead to head-scratching moments.

Come On Alison, Get It Together

"A girl took my pillow without my knowledge and then proceeded to throw up all over it, she said she would get me a new one."

"Alison it’s been 3 years,please give me a new pillow :("


Who Snitched?!?

"Not really a party, a sleepover a few years back, I was probably 14 or 15. Some of the girls thought it would be fun to do some prank calls on various people, and we got a kick out of it for a while. Everything was going fine, we were all having fun and laughing. Then, one of the girls rings up a lady. I’m not sure if the girl knew this woman or not, but when she answers we did the classic, “hello this is Wendy’s” or something along the lines of that. Then, get this, the lady starts NAMING EVERY GIRL AT THE SLEEPOVER. We were all freaked out and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone hang up the phone faster. It was truly terrifying."


A Gracious Party Host?

"i went to a bowling alley in grade 4 because that was the first birthday party i had been ever invited to. i was really excited because he was one of the popular kids. come to the day that it was happening, i decided to wear a nice pink glittery shirt because glitter was really important in my life for some odd reason. i got to the bowling alley with the bag and when i went to give it to him i farted really loud out of excitement. everyone looked over at me and i immediately burst into tears. he told me it was okay and then proceeded to fart maybe 3 minutes after i did. that really comforted me and we had a good time."


You know what really turns a party to the next level?


You know what helps lead people to all kinds of bad, awful, truly terrible decisions?


Cow Man, Away!

"New Year's party at a farmhouse. This guy I know has taken LSD. He found a top hat and cape somewhere and was wearing them. He is having a bad trip and is just spiraling into a depression and fixating on death while being freaked out on his trip. So I take him outside to get him away from all the smoking and noisy drunks in the house. We step out on the dark porch and for a minute he seems to be getting right when suddenly about 10 cows run by the porch."

"His eyes go wide and he runs away. The drunks in the party yell 'the cows are out' and they all start chasing the cows trying to round them up but the cows are now smarter than the drunk people so they were not doing a good job of it. And I never saw that guy again. I found the cape and top hat laying on the floor like he just vanished and they fell straight down."


There Are Better Ways To Say Hello...

"Was standing in a circle with 4 other people smoking and talking. Girl comes up super drunk all happy and smiling, everything is all good and suddenly out of no where she drops her pants squats down and pees right in front of all of us, like legit still talking and looking right at us."


Fire. Fire!

"We had a bonfire going. I left early once the 'shine came out. About an hour after I left, some of the guys started spitting mouthfuls of the stuff through the fire to make fireballs. Caught some of the grass on fire, tried to put it out by peeing on it, and ended up starting a 200 acre fire."


Sometimes, You Don't Need Drugs To Get Crazy

"I was at a friends birthday party and him and a group of maybe 5-10 kids were there. We put on shrek and I was on a recliner watching it, meanwhile these other kids were messing around. One of them took their shirt off and said “who wants to join the no shirt gang?!” Everyone but me and this other kid took their shirt off. Then, the crazy one said “no PANTS gang?!” They took their pants off. Fast forward a bit and we had like 8 naked kids running around screaming naked gang while me and this kid say there like “wtf”"

"Me and this kid who didn’t strip are actually really good friends today"


And then there's these, those moments that make you wonder if the stars aligned to let the kooks out only when you arrived at the party. W.T.F.

Gotta Stop Those Cramps Somehow

"caught a guy sucking a banana in the bathroom"


"Microdosing potassium"


*mwah* Good Night, Everybody!

"The host got so drunk, he pulled his dead pet lizard out of the freezer (saving it to bury it in the spring) and showed it to everyone in the room. Then he started crying, threw up, pissed himself, and passed out. I have no idea if the lizard ever made it back to the freezer."


Well, we're certainly glad we didn't get an invite to some of these gatherings.

Do you have a similar story to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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