People Break Down The Cruelest Ways To Break Up With Someone
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Breaking up is never easy for either party involved. But when a romantic relationship fizzles, the best thing for couples who are no longer in love to do is to go their separate ways.

Of course, things get complicated when the feeling isn't mutual and one person wants to stay in the relationship while the other has already emotionally moved on.

Curious to hear about bad breakups, Redditor SneakTechnique21 asked:

"What is the cruelest way to break up with someone?"

A person may have to resort to the following measures if the other isn't wanting to leave the relationship.

Appointing A New Position

"By asking them to wingman you on your next conquest."

– securityseminars

Nuptial Miss

"Longhaul it to the wedding and dump them at the alter, leave with bridesmaid(s)"

– Robftw

Plot Twist

"Bend down on one knee in front of her family after doing a big speech about how much you love her then get up, kiss her and say 'but it won't work out' and leave."

– entertainer011

A Ruff Exit

"Buy them a puppy as a parting gift, they will forever tell the story of how this lovely adorable doggo came into their life."

– I_Love_Lava_Lamp

Classic Scenario

"Cheating on you openly."

– AceKijani

Gradually distancing oneself can be one of the cruelest thing to do to a soon-to-be ex.

Slow Burn

"Ghosting but message back every so often. Make tiny bits of effort every so often and occasionally on an important day make a half decent effort. Basically string them along for as long as you can then let them see you with someone else."

– brzt6060

Leaving Without Saying Anything

"Don't break up with them at all, just slowly start being distant, act like they're an inconvenience whenever they're around, stop replying to messages or calls except perhaps every so often with a short reply, pretend you're busy whenever they're around or ask about when you want to meet up next."

"Basically do everything to cut them out of your life without ever actually telling them you want them gone or being directly abrasive. Real simple, low effort way to mess up someone's head significantly."

"Especially if you stretch it out over a long period of time and then just move on without telling them."

– ThearchOfStories

Blocking The Ex

"My ex did this to me. Used me as an emotional support while she was looking after her sick grandmother and doing her PhD. Started doing this once she defended her Thesis and her grandmother passed away (within a couple of weeks). For almost 6 months she would act busy not answering phone calls or messages, sex became almost non existent and finally broke up with me when I was in a different country for a conference. Now she is trying to insert herself into my life, wants to be the cool aunty for my daughter 🤷🏽♂️. Had to block her everywhere"

– Jolarpet

People who aren't good at communicating may employ these heartless methods to say "goodbye."

Silence Speaks A Thousand Words

"Simply not talking. Most hurtful when you are just cut off by someone and you don’t know why and then you just imagine what could have gone wrong. It is very demeaning."

– Kind_human77

Public Declaration

"Post a detailed relationship report on their Facebook as if it were a car review done by Jeremy Clarkson, giving them a final score and a time around our test track. And finish with 'on that bombshell, it's time to end.'"

– __groundhogday__

The Next Lover

"Send pictures of you with someone else and add 'I never loved you for a second.'"

– SuvenPan

As my 7th grade girlfriend did. With a note titled, “you don’t float my boat” with a bunch of sinking boats drawn on it with about a paragraph insulting you after. To make matters worse, it was given to in between classes by her best friend, who watched me read it while laughing the whole time. As I cried.

As evidenced in the responses above, people can be so cruel.

Hopefully, the new person that has created a spark in your life isn't one who is capable of any of these devious break up tactics, if and when that ever happens.

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